NFL QB Shuffle 2019

Last night was wild in the NBA. Dwayne Wade with the shot of the year, Lakers actually WON a game! Celtics continue their downfall.

As the Celtics struggle, is Kyrie Irving really worth it?

John Elway with THE worst take of the day (on a day with many bad takes and comments).

And a look at the great QB shuffle of 2019 – when the pieces fall into place, who will be where. [read more]


Living with Regret

Today’s DAILY is about regret. The Cavs potential lack of regret in letting Lebron and Kyrie walk? Because how bad are the Celtics?

Indiana Hoosiers bubble isn’t popped yet, despite a stretch of losing 12 out of 13. Think they regret some of those 12 losses?

Bryce Harper refuses to commit 10 years to a city he will regret living in.

And a new podcast is now live focusing on Bracketology less than three weeks away from Selection Sunday. [read more]