5 Fun Tweets About Sam Darnold

QB Sam Darnold enters 2021 as the starting QB for the Carolina Panthers. After a successful career at USC, Darnold was drafted 3rd overall in the 2018 NFL Draft by the NY Jets.

Darnold had 3 up-and-down seasons, plagued by injuries, illness, and Adam Gase. Now, Darnold has been given a fresh start and a second chance.

His first chance wasn’t a total failure though as he had many successes. However, the successes that I am focused on, are the entertaining ones more than just touchdowns and victories.

First pass completion (went to the other team).

On September 10, 2018, Darnold debuted on Monday Night Football with Jets at Lions.

the following is Darnold’s first pass, which came on his very first NFL play.

It’s worth noting, despite this hilarious interception to start the game, Darnold settled down completing 16-21 passes and threw 2 TDs. Jets won 48-17.

Sam Darnold out with Mono

After starting week 1 for the Jets in 2019, Darnold missed the next 3 games due to mononucleosis.

While it’s sad and certainly not a joke that Darnold had to battle an illness, this legendary gif from ESPN is quite hilarious.

Return from Mono to beat Cowboys

When Darnold did return in week 5, the 0-4 Jets got their first win of the season against the Cowboys. Darnold threw for 338 yards (the second most in his career, to date).

This is funny because people enjoy the misery of the Cowboys. Also, I (a Cowboys fan) was live in attendance to witness this disaster.

Draw a Panther

Shortly after being traded to the Carolina Panthers earlier in 2021, Sam Darnold made headlines on social media when the Panthers official twitter account post a video of him drawing different designs.

Among them, he was asked to draw the Panthers logo. Some might say, he successfully did that…

His Coach

For the last two seasons, Darnold was coached by Adam Gase, best known as the Broncos QB coach when they had Peyton Manning and won the Super Bowl. With Manning’s backing, Gase fast tracked to a head coaching job where he failed and was fired from Miami Dolphins and then hired by the Jets. His tenure was a colossal failure and included many exciting soundbites, most notably this one.

Whatever happens moving forward with Sam Darnold, it is sure to provide some more entertaining tweets and soundbites in the future.

Mike is an alum of the University of Cincinnati and the ultimate sports nerd.


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