9 Best in Sports at Social Distancing

A look at social distancing and sports. Which teams and players have done the best job of social distancing recently?

2020 NFL Draft

The show goes on Thursday April 23-Saturday April 25. All NFL personnel men from owners to GMs to coaches will be socially distanced and required to be in their own individual homes.

Basically, they are doing the real life draft the way that you and I do our fantasy football drafts. And that’s awesome! I hope these guys load up on pizza and beer because it’s going to be a long 3 days.

It’s going to be especially long if they can’t figure out their wifi and computer situations. Various reports in the past week have expressed concerns from guys about hacking and security and needing IT guys to help.

People all over the world are dying and losing their jobs, but NFL coaches can’t sign in to wifi or plug in an Ethernet cord..

Wichita State Basketball

Shockingly, the Shockers may be taking social distancing too far. Since the 2019-20 season ended, 7 scholarship players and one walk-on have left the program and entered the transfer portal. This includes three of their top six scorers – Eric Stevenson (11.1 ppg), Jamarius Burton (10.3 ppg), and Grant Sherfield (8.1 ppg).

Additionally, Judan Michael, one of their top incoming recruits for 2020, recently de-committed. Michael is a 3-star prospect and the 8th best player in North Carolina per 247Sports.

That’s a lot of turnover for a team that finished 23-8 and was in contention for an NCAA Tournament appearance. And that’s a lot of social distancing.

Free agent QB Jameis Winston 

The league has been completely (social) distancing themselves from the 2015 #1 pick so far this off-season.

Amazing that a guy who led the NFL in passing yards (5,109) and finished second in TD passes (33) has been unable to secure a new contract and no team seems interested in making him a starting QB in 2020 or beyond.

That’s probably because Winston also led the NFL in interceptions, with 30 and is just 28-42 as a starting QB in the NFL. 

Maybe another reason is because he’s training to avoid a UFO and not an NFL pass rusher?

Seattle Mariners

Among the 30 MLB teams, the Mariners are the only ones who have been socially distancing themselves their whole lives from appearing in the World Series.

Seattle’s idea of social distancing spans 46 seasons (and 45 chances). The Mariners have made the playoffs just 4 times (9%) in franchise history and zero World Series appearances. They are 1 of 7 teams to never win it.

Mariners hold the MLB record for most wins in a season (116 games in 2001). That’s also the last time they made the playoffs, as they have the majors’ longest current playoff appearance drought at 18 years.

The lack of success is extremely remarkable considering the Hall of Fame talent that played the prime of their careers in Seattle. Guys like Ken Griffey Jr, Alex Rodriguez, Edgar Martinez, Ichiro Suzuki, Randy Johnson, Felix Hernandez.

There’s also 11 NFL teams that have been forever socially distancing themselves from the Lombardi Trophy and winning the Super Bowl

Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien

Texans have made the playoffs 4 times in O’Brien’s 6 seasons. But you would never know it based on the response to his recent decision making.

O’Brien has done his best to socially distance himself from the team’s best players, all of their 2020 draft picks, and most certainly the fans.

For starters, he traded away DeAndre Hopkins (top 2 WR in NFL) for nothing – yes, nothing when you consider David Johnson hasn’t been good since 2016 and they did not get a first round pick back, despite not having one for 2020. 

The list of players that O’Brien has socially distanced himself from is incredible, especially when you consider the mostly weak returns.

The Texans have several picks that they have acquired from other teams, but they have traded away their own first, second, third, fourth, AND sixth for 2020 and in 2021, their first and second.

People of Chicago

Chicago restaurants are doing their best to ensure residents social distance themselves, but these clever words.

NBA Horse

On Sunday night, the NBA attempted to give fans some form of entertainment, beyond replaying old games.

It failed. At least, according to one NBA player.

Give the NBA and ESPN credit for trying, HORSE from your own home is the perfect way to remain social distant. But poor wifi, an inability to clearly hear and see what the players were saying, the lagging, and Mark Jones’ insistence on speaking and interrupting, led to an overall dull broadcast.


Unfortunately, on Friday the XFL took social distancing to the next level, by announcing that operations would be suspended and every employee was fired, effective immediately. That’s one way to keep everyone apart.

This is too bad. I personally enjoyed the XFL and it sucks to see that many folks laid off.

After weeks of no live sports and only re-runs, I have grown even more appreciation for sports. Next time someone complains that there are “too many bowl games” or that they won’t watch the two worst teams in the NBA play each other, remind them of your boredom during this time.

I love football. Any type of football. NFL, XFL, AAF, CFL, Arena, or even the Continental Indoor Football League. If football is on, I will watch it.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give right now to watch the New York Guardians take on the Houston Roughnecks..


Speaking of the XFL, the founder Vince McMahon, has made it clear that the show goes on in his wrestling company. WWE ran their biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania, in front of 0 fans last weekend and will continue to execute their shows that way for the foreseeable future.

Hey, I’m not into wrestling and not everyone is, but give McMahon and WWE credit for pushing forward and giving people a form of live and new entertainment to enjoy.

BONUS – Chicken Wings

As Americans continue to socially distance themselves across the country, bars and restaurants have mostly close and suffered from the cancellation of sports.

As a result, there is a serious surplus of chicken wings across the country!

You may not be able to buy toilet paper at your local grocery or convenient store, but you can definitely buy chicken wings from a local bar!

Think about it – March Madness, Masters, Wrestlemania, NBA/NHL, MLB Opening Day – March is a huge month for PTO days at work and major sporting events. There is so much activity in March and early April, so bars undoubtedly over order on certain foods, like chicken wings.

Mike is an alum of the University of Cincinnati and the ultimate sports nerd.

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