MIKEDROP DAILY – Hot Take Tuesday

It’s hot take Tuesday!
-Why Kyler Murray’s decision to declare for NFL draft doesn’t impact top of draft
-Kareem Hunt’s undeserving of a second chance (as of now)
-James Harden is still NOT my MVP
-Best NBA player of all-time?
-Best team in college basketball
-The art of tanking
-What to watch for on Tuesday
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MIKEDROP DAILY – Happy Polar Vortex Day

James Harden scored 30 points for the 24th straight game. But does that make him the most VALUABLE player?

As we continue our weekly coverage of Super Bowl 53, a look back at the 8 Super Bowl appearances for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and how the Patriots have fared statistically. Plus a look back at a rough couple of decades of QB play for the Rams. [read more]


MIKEDROP DAILY – Weekend Roundup

Today’s MIKEDROP Daily is packed with stories from this past weekend including why the Pro Bowl is a joke and needs to go away, top scores and highlights from NBA and college basketball, 8 Super Bowl 53 storylines, and something that happened at the Pro Bowl that was worse than the actual Pro Bowl.

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