29 Best NFL and NBA #10YearChallenges

Are you aware of the latest social media craze the #10yearchallenge, where you take a picture from 10 years ago and compare it to today? Well we did this with the NBA and NFL.

We also looked back at the origin of the Rams, the Saints post-Katrina life, college football QB transfers, and the Brooklyn Nets are for real! […]


MIKEDROP DAILY – London’s Bad American Sports

In today’s MIKEDROP DAILY, we look back on last night’s basketball action – Jimmy Butler gets his revenge on the Wolves, Warriors make (more) history, an MVP candidate records a triple-double, and a trade rumor to benefit everyone. And in college, is Virginia a legit national title contender?

Plus – as the NBA returns to London on Thursday, we take a look at the history of American Sports in London; An in depth look at Andy Reid and Bill Belichick’s coaching trees; And trying to understand the value of RBs in the NFL […]



The NFL Playoffs will come down to the four best teams as we look back at the winners and losers from this past weekend and begin assessing the Super Bowl 53 possibilities.

NBA MVP watch continues, college basketball’s great “football” play of the weekend, and Blake Griffin’s revenge are all part of today’s MIKEDROP DAILY. […]


MIKEDROP DAILY – Are You Ready for Some Football?

NFL playoffs continue Saturday with Colts vs Chiefs and Cowboys vs Rams. See what’s at stake from a historical perspective as the Chiefs and Cowboys look to snap skids from the ’90s.

James Harden is playing at another level but is he the current leader for NBA MVP?

What’s more important – playing basketball and earning your $20 million or eating 7 hamburgers?

Lots to discuss in the basketball and football world in today’s MIKEDROP DAILY!


Decade of Disappointment (MIKEDROP DAILY)

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the biggest disappointment in sports over the past decade?

Where do the last 3 NBA MVPs rank in the latest All Star fan voting (spoiler – not great). Plus a look at college football’s QB free agency frenzy and a deeper look into the relationship between Baker Mayfield and his new head coach. […]


MIKEDROP DAILY – Football Over Baseball

Did Kyler Murray make the right choice choosing football over baseball?

Speaking of choices, three more NFL teams hired coaches on Wednesday – Broncos hit a homerun, Browns hit a single (but might score), and the Jets struck out.

Today’s MIKEDROP DAILY looks at those two top stories plus a look at the 10 most exciting potential Super Bowl LIII matchups, a recap of last night’s top college basketball stories, and much more. […]