CFB Preview: FCS

Division 1 college football is split in two separate leagues – Football Subdivision (FBS) and Football Championship Series (FCS). Despite both being division 1, the FCS is treated as a level below the FBS. Though many times coaches transfer from one league to the other. There’s also annual games featuring FCS and FBS teams that lately, it seems like more and more FCS teams are coming out on top.

Similar to how the group of 5 coaches use their schools as a stepping stone, FCS coaches do the same thing. But sometimes, if a coach fails at the FBS level, he will make his way to an FCS school to rebuild his image. Part 1 of our FCS preview looks at 10 coaches to know.

There’s a lot of exciting QBs at the FCS level, as well as some familiar names. Those names may be the result of transferring down a level or perhaps being the young sibling or son of famous pro QBs. As part of our FCS preview, we look at 10 QBs to know 

As mentioned above, we’ve seen a more and more FCS over FBS upsets in college football. So which FCS teams are prime for the big win in 2018? Part 3 looks at which games have the potential for an upset.

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