Cincinnati and Minnesota are the Two Worst Sports Cities in America

The first NFL Sunday of the 2021 NFL season kicks off on 9/12. That afternoon, the Cincinnati Bengals take on the Minnesota Vikings in a matchup featuring the two worst sports cities in America.

The city of Cincinnati hasn’t won a playoff game/series since 1995 (Reds) and Bengals haven’t won a game since 1990, giving them the longest active playoff win drought amongst the 116 men’s pro sports teams in the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL. Only 4 teams among those 4 sports have playoff droughts that extend to the 1990s, with both of Cincy’s pro teams representing half of them.

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Minneapolis is one of 12 cities with at least 1 team in each of those four sports leagues. They have the second fewest championships among those 12 (2 World Series) but the longest championship drought (1991). 31 cities have won a championship since Minneapolis and 45 have appeared in the championship round.

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