Cowboys Offense Shows Similarities to Rams in Sunday’s Victory

Earlier this week, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told reporters that he sees similarities between the Cowboys 32nd ranked offense and the Los Angeles Rams high powered top ranked offense. Many in the media and fans across the world mocked Jerry for this ridiculous statement.

But after seeing the Cowboys beat the Lions on Sunday, is it that ridiculous? Let’s compare the two offenses based on their week 5 performances in victories.

  • Quarterbacks Jared Goff and Dak Prescott were both drafted in 2016. Goff was the top overall pick and Prescott wasn’t drafted until the fourth round. Both QBs had big games in week 5, throwing for over 200 yards and 2 or more TDs, and neither turning the ball over.
  • Todd Gurley and Ezekiel Elliot, two of the top RBs in the game, who both were former first round picks and attended high profile colleges, showed their similarities. Neither RB ran for a touchdown, but both caught one, hauling in over 70 yards receiving, each catching exactly 4 passes
  • Both QBs like to spread the ball around – the Rams and the Cowboys each had 5 WRs with receptions of positive yardage.
  • The play calling is similar too – the Cowboys ran an end around for Tavon Austin, who took the carry for 7 yards. The Rams ran a similar play and Brandin Cooks picked up 10 yards.
  • Speaking of Austin, another similarity is that he dropped an open touchdown in endzone towards the end of the second quarter. Rams fans know the feeling all too well.

The Cowboys play the Texans next Sunday night, a defense that has shown some holes giving this high powered Cowboys offense to take their performance to an even high level. Perhaps Prescott can throw for 300 yards? Perhaps one of their WRs goes for 100 yards? It will be fun to continue to observe the similarities between these two offenses.

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