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Back to Basics! Welcome to the return of the Daily MikeDrop emails and articles. I have spent some time trying to figure out what I want this site to be and the best thing it can be is a reflection of me – a lot of randomness, fun facts, and a few mic drops.

Now, on to an even more exciting return…


I love Carmelo Anthony. I always have. When Syracuse won the National Championship in 2003, I made a bet with my dad that if Cuse won, he would buy me an orange headband to wear to my next rec game.

On Tuesday night, the future Hall of Famer made his triumphant return!

Despite this heroic return, the Blazers lost for the 4th time in 5 games, losing to the Pelicans 115-104. Melo started the game and played 23 minutes. He scored 10 points on 4 of 14 shooting, hitting 2 of 3 three point attempts. He also grabbed 4 rebounds. You could tell he was playing with a lot of energy and excitement. It’s also been over a full year since he played a real game, so there was certainly a little bit of rust.

Will Carmelo Anthony be the answer to saving the Blazers season? Let me know on instagram.

CFB Playoffs Rankings were released on Tuesday night and the top remained the same. The only thing that is for sure, if LSU, Ohio State, and or Clemson win out, they are locks for the playoffs.

LSU still has to play Georgia in the SEC Championship Game. If Georgia wins, they likely will and should be in, but so should LSU based on their overall body of work this season.

Ohio State plays Penn State this Saturday, followed by a trip to Michigan, and then either Minnesota or Wisconsin (or Illinois!). Still a pretty tough road ahead. If Buckeyes win out, they should ultimately leap LSU as the #1 seed in the playoffs, which is a really big deal this year because there’s a drop off from #3 Clemson to whoever finished 4th.

Clemson still has to play….well, Clemson has a few more exhibition games before their fifth straight playoff appearance.

After those top three, it gets very complicated.

The most straight forward scenario is Georgia, who currently sits at #4. If Georgia beats LSU, they should and likely will make the playoffs and so will LSU.

A Penn State win on Saturday, means the Nittany Lions win the Big Ten East. Would an 11-1 Ohio State still make it? Last time Penn State wont he Big Ten Championship, they missed the playoffs and the 1-loss Buckeyes made it.

If Alabama wins out, that means they will for sure have beaten three teams with a winning record (Auburn, Texas A&M, Southern Miss). Is that a strong enough resume? Will the committee judge them on not having Tua Tagovailoa (they shouldn’t judge them on that). Alabama’s resume talking point is that their loss is to the #1 team. They have no good wins to hang their hat on.

The 4th spot SHOULD go to the PAC-12 champion, assuming Oregon or Utah finish 12-1. Ducks are ranked 6th, Utah is ranked 7th. These teams are both very good. The controversy is that Oregon’s one loss (Auburn) will have come to what could be Alabama’s best win. But the Ducks also have a win over USC, who is now in the CFP top 25. That type of win is lacking from Alabama’s resume. And winning a conference championship should mean something.

Oklahoma might be too far down the rankings to have a shot at this point, but need to just keep winning. The best the Sooners could hope (outside the playoffs) for is going 12-1 and facing Alabama in a Jalen Hurts revenge game in the Sugar Bowl.

Speaking of returns and Alabama, why would Tua come back to school? Several people have claimed Tua Tagovailoa should return to Alabama for his senior season in 2020 and that would be crazy. Beyond the idea of getting a college degree, there is no benefit to Tua return. He is likely not going to play in 2020 and is better off being a top 10 NFL draft pick and rehabbing with the best doctors on a pro team and being in position to start in 2021.

And yes, despite his brutal injury, I strongly believe Tua will still be picked in the top 10. The truth is, if you believe Tua was a franchise-altering prospect before, you keep that belief. If you are a team picking at the top of the draft, like the Bengals, Dolphins, Broncos, for example, you stink and need more than a quarterback anyways. Why not take Tua, let him rehab, and continue to build a strong roster so that when he debuts in 2021, the team is much better positioned than it would have been next season.

Luka Doncic is a top 5 player in the NBA. And I will fight anyone that disagrees. He is averaging 29.5 ppg, 10.7 rpg, 9.3 apg. On Monday, he recorded the first ever 40 point triple-double in Mavs franchise histoy. He has hit multiple game winning shots.

You could validly argue Lebron James, Giannis, and James Harden are all having better years than Doncic and you might be right. You could also argue that guys like Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Anthony Davis have more talent than Doncic. And you may be right. But right now, he is performing like one of the best players in the NBA. And through one month, he is no doubt the most valuable player.

LOL at the Suns and Kings forever. Suns drafted Deandre Ayton #1 and Kings drafted Marvin Bagley #2. Doncic went 3rd to the Hawks, who flipped him for Trae Young, who the Mavs took 5th. Hawks also acquired an extra pick which was used to move up and take De’andre Hunter in the 2019 draft. On Tuesday, the Kings beat the Suns 120-116 in the LOL draft bowl.

Tweet of the Day

Stat of the Day

LeBron James is the first player in NBA history with a triple-double against 30 different teams. Lakers beat the Thunder 112-107 on Tuesday. Lebron had 25 points, 11 rebounds, 10 assists

Stat of the Weekend

45,161 fans showed up to MetLife Stadium on Saturday to see Ithaca beat SUNY Cortland in the 61st edition of the Cortaca Jug rivalry. The 45k fans set a new Division 3 football attendance record.

Daily List

In the 2016 NFL Draft, Rams traded up to draft Jared Goff #1 overall and the Eagles moved up to draft Carson Wentz #2.

Where do those guys rank among the 6 active starting QBs from this draft class?

1. Dak Prescott, Cowboys
2. Carson Wentz, Eagles
3. Jacoby Brisset, Colts
4. Jared Goff, Rams
5. Jeff Driskel, Lions
6. Brandon Allen, Broncos

How would you rank these QBs?

What to Watch For on Wednesday 11/20

Top NBA Games

  • ESPN doubleheader featuring Warriors vs Mavs (awful game) and Celtics at Clippers.
  • Rockets play at Nuggets

NBA “Revenge games”

Celtics vs Clippers – Clippers coach Doc Rivers won the 2008 NBA Championship with the Celtics. He coached Boston from 2004-2013 and has been with the Clippers since 2013.

Bucks vs Hawks – Mike Budenholzer, the 2019 Coach of the Year, previously won the award with the Hawk in 2015.

That 2014-15 season was Jabari Parker’s rookie year with the Bucks, after he was drafted second overall in 2014. Parker is on a one-year deal with the Hawks, averaging 17.2 ppg and 6.4 rpg, playing 27 minutes per game.

Magic vs Raptors – In February 2017, Raptors traded Terrence Ross and a first round pick for Serge Ibaka. Ibaka averaged 9.4 ppg and 6.0 rpg off the bench in all 24 playoff games in 2019. He is averaging 14 ppg, 6.5 rpg so far this season. Ross is averaging 11 ppg off the bench for Orlando this year.

With the first round pick acquired in that trade, Orlando drafted Anžejs Pasečņiks 25th overall in 2017.


0-10 Akron faces MAC East Champion Miami Ohio. RedHawks are already the MAC East champs, despite two games remaining. A win on Wednesday would give them their first winning season since 2010, which is also the last time they played in the MAC Championship.

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