Daily MikeDrop – WHO IS THE MAN?

There was a lot of strong individual performances and moments on Monday in football and basketball.

Here is a recap of those top moments.

Lamar Jackson, Ravens – Remember when Jackson wasn’t a quarterback? Remember when he should move to wide receiver? Remember when he was the #32 pick in the 2018 Draft, meaning every single team passed on him?

The guy who is going to win the NFL MVP Award in 2019 was on fire Monday night in a 45-6 win over the Rams. Jackson completed 15 of 20 passes, for 169 yards and 5 touchdowns. He also added 95 yards on the ground.

He just makes it look so easy. His throws are perfect, he knows when to run. It’s been impossible to stop him.

Jackson was the 5th QB drafted in 2018 behind Baker Mayfield (1), Sam Darnold (3), Josh Allen (7), and Josh Rosen (10). Everyone passed on him, including the Ravens, who drafted third-string tight end Hayden Hurst 25th overall.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks – Speaking of MVPs, Giannis won the NBA Award in 2019 and is among the frontrunners to win it again in 2020. Giannis scored 50 points in a 122-118 Bucks win over the Jazz. He shot 17-31, grabbed 14 rebounds, and had 6 assists. Bucks are 14-3 and have retaken first place in the East, for now.

Lebron James, Los Angeles Lakers – Lakers are also in first place, largely because of Lebron. James scored 33 points and grabbed 14 rebounds in Monday’s 114-104 win over the Spurs.

Carmelo Anthony, Portland Trail Blazers – MELO IS BACK! Blazers finally got off the schneid and won their first game since Melo joined the team. The future Hall of Famer led the team with 25 points (10-20 shooting, 4-7 from three).

Spencer Dinwiddie, Brooklyn Nets – Nets are without Kyrie Irving and Caris LaVert right now, but no worries. Dinwiddie led the Nets with 30 ponts in a win over the Cavs, but the most important shot was this game winner..

Buddy Hield, Sacramento Kings – Hield scored 41 points in a 103-102 loss to the Celtics, hitting 11 three pointers (on 21 attempts).

Who is NOT the Man

Some of Monday’s poorest performances…

Joel Embiid, Philadelphia 76ers – For the first time in his career, Embiid went scoreless. He played 32 minutes and shot 0-11 from the field, 0-3 from three, and missed all 3 free throw attempts as the 76ers lost to the Raptors.

Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams – Remember when Gurley was in the MVP conversation? Good times. A lot of his struggles on Monday were related to game script and the Rams trailing, but still. 6 carries for just 22 yards (15 yards on one run) and 3 catches for -3 yards. He was terrible, but the Rams haven’t exactly put him in a position to be the same guy he was just last season.

Vlade Divac, President of Sacramento Kings – I have long made fun of the Kings for many things, but most recently and significantly it’s been their decision to pass on superstar Luka Doncic in the 2018 Draft, to take Marvin Bagley second overall. Bagley is a fine player, but Doncic is one of the best in the entire league.

On Monday, a rumor came out as to why the Kings passed on the European guard and well….it’s hilarious.

Dumbest Story of the Week

On Sunday night, Richard Jefferson was announcing the Nets vs Knicks game on SNY. Jefferson, a former Nets star was been very vocal in the past about his hatred towards the Knicks.

He revealed, what sounded like, an interesting tidbit during the game.

On Monday, the Knicks official PR twitter account, felt the need to clarify and refute Jefferson’s claim.

This is just a dumb story. Jefferson claims he was joking, but certainly sounded serious on air. He probably should have immediately caveated that he was joking. The Knicks look dumb because they come across as sensitive. Aww, Jefferson hurt someone’s feelings so they needed to stand up to him. Who cares?!

Honestly, as a Knicks fan, I would have loved Jefferson, even at the end of his career he’s a great culture guy and leader. But I know Jefferson hates the Knicks, so I kind of assumed, when I heard this, that he was joking. And if he was, cool, he works for the Nets TV station and was ribbing an opponent. It’s funny. Now the media is ripping the Knicks for more dumb shit. Because that’s what the Knicks do – dumb shit.

Tweet of the Night

Social media is a funny world. You want to perk up and listen when someone you respect says something. But you also want to take it lightly, given their own agendas and experiences.

Still, this comment from former Cowboys WR Dez Bryant has my attention…

Mike is an alum of the University of Cincinnati and the ultimate sports nerd.

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