If the Dallas Cowboys Are America’s Team, America Has More Problems

Dallas Cowboys have long held the moniker of “America’s Team”. This is largely because of the support they have from fans around the world. Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in North American sports ($5.5 billion) and TV ratings and social media engagement certainly support the America’s Team claim.

From an on-the-field perspective, the Cowboys stink and that’s been true for quite a long time and they are mostly irrelevant when it comes to winning and being a successful and stable franchise.

America’s Team? They might be the third best sports franchise in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and potentially the sixth best among all Texas pro teams.

Cowboys last won the Super Bowl in 1995. Since Super Bowl XXX, Cowboys have won just 4 playoff games in 25 years (4-10 record).

How does that compare to other Dallas/Arlington teams over that time period (since 1996-2020)

Championship Performances (regular season winning % in parenthesis)

  • Mavericks (55.1%) – 2 Finals appearances (1-1), 3 total Conference Finals
  • Cowboys (52.6%) – 0 Super Bowls, 0 Conference Championships
  • Stars (51.1%) – 3 Stanley Cup appearances (1-2), 5 total Conference Finals appearances
  • Rangers (50.4%) – 2 World Series appearances (0-2)

What about the rest of Texas?

  • San Antonio Spurs – 6 NBA Finals appearances (5-1)
  • Houston Rockets – 0-3 in Conference Finals
  • Houston Astros – 3 World Series appearances (1-2)
  • Houston Texans – 4 playoff wins in 18 seasons

When it comes to TV ratings and social media engagement, the Cowboys are no doubt the best. When it comes to playing football? No.

It’s been a long time since the Cowboys have been worth the time and attention they are given.

Editor’s note – this is written by a lifelong Cowboys fan. Not just “some hater”

Mike is an alum of the University of Cincinnati and the ultimate sports nerd.

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