Dropping the Mic on NFL Week 1 and College Football Week 2

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College Football Week 2 Thoughts

LSU’s place in the polls

Why is LSU ranked 4th? Why are they behind Alabama and Georgia. Bama has beaten Duke and New Mexico State, while Georgia has beaten Vanderbilt and Murray State. LSU has beaten Georgia Southern (11 win team in 2019) and Texas, who was ranked 9th to start this season. There is no way to justify LSU not being #2 in the latest rankings.

Florida State, UCLA, Tennessee look worse than 2018

I projected all three teams to make a bowl game in 2019. Whoops. I thought Willie Taggart, Chip Kelly, and Jeremy Pruitt, respectively, would work through their 2018 messes and clean up the major issues with each program and win, at a minimum, 6 games. That seems to have been an overly ambitious prediction.

  • UCLA is 0-2 with losses to Cincinnati and San Diego State and they face Oklahoma in week 3.
  • Tennessee is a bad 0-2, with home losses to Georgia State and BYU (in brutal, brutal fashion). They face Chattanooga on Saturday. Following that though, the Vols have Florida, Georgia, Mississippi State. Alabama.
  • Florida State is 1-1 after blowing an 18 point lead at home to Boise State and then beat Louisiana-Monroe in overtime, only because ULM’s kicker missed an extra point in OT.

Would any of these coaches be fired after just two years? It would be highly unusual, but at this point, would be unsurprising and totally justified.

I TOLD YOU SO – Nebraska Edition

I have been screaming from the rafters. Yelling and wining to anyone that will listen about Nebraska. The Huskers won 4 games in 2017. Won 4 games in 2018, under new head coach Scott Frost. Entering 2019, expectations were high. Like, win the Big Ten West high. I think those people with those expectations are the ones that are high.

Nebraska lost to Colorado, and I could not be happier. Nebraska may have a very good season, but nothing they have done the last few years would indicate a top 25 team. They were ranked to start the season and were ranked again heading into week 2, despite a terrible showing in a win over South Alabama. Now, Nebraska is finally out of the rankings and can reset and earn their place with a couple of big games coming up.

Look Ahead to Week 3

  • Washington State plays Houston Friday night – there will be points
  • USC, with a backup QB, and BYU coming off a season saving win in Tennessee, meet in Provo, for the first time since 2004
  • Arizona State vs Michigan State may be the best game of the weekend
  • Iowa vs Iowa State is the biggest game of the weekend. So big, that College Gameday (aka AmesDay) will be there to cover it.
  • Kentucky snapped a 31 game losing streak to Florida in 2018. Can they make it 2 in a row?
  • In 2017, Syracuse handed Clemson their last regular season loss and in 2018 were one of two teams, and the only ACC team, to lose by single digits. Coming off a loss to Maryland, Syracuse hosts the champs in the Carrier Dome.

Picks and previews of week 3 games


1 Clemson – Champs have an ACC win and a win over Texas A&M under their belts already. Considering they haven’t lost since 2017, they maintain the top spot.

2. LSU – Win over Texas vaults them to #2.

3. Oklahoma – Sooners have looked amazing and Jalen Hurts is clearly going to be in the running for Heisman Trophy.

4. Ohio State – I am impressed and the Buckeyes might look better in 2019 than they did during 2018. Justin Fields is the real deal. Better competition is coming.

5. Alabama – As impressive as the Tide have looked, I want to see them play someone.

6. Georgia – Same deal as Alabama – they have looked really impressive, but let’s see them do it against a real team. Notre Dame is approaching at the end of September.

7. Auburn – Yay, more SEC teams. They have the second best win of the season so far, over Oregon in week 1. And Tulane week 2 is not a pushover opponent.

8. Wisconsin – Badgers were not on my radar before the season, but through two weeks they have outscored their opponents an absurd 110-0.

9. Utah – Utes seem like the PAC-12’s lone bright light.

10. Cal/UNC – No, these are not the 10th best teams in the country but they deserve credit and attention for their 2-0 starts. Cal went on the road and beat #14 Washington, the PAC-12 favorites and potential playoff team in 2019. UNC, with Mack Brown as their new head coach, have beaten South Carolina and Miami.

NFL Snap Reactions

Mitchell Trubisky is a fraud. I will spend more time on this during this week’s Podcast, but remember, in 2017 Trubisky was the #2 pick in the Draft. The Bears traded UP to 2 to get him. #10 pick was Patrick Mahomes and #12 pick was Deshaun Watson

Are the Browns frauds? I don’t think so. Clearly they were over-hyped and need to earn their spot but I think they will settle in and be fine over time. Baker Mayfield won’t play as poorly as he did yesterday. I am concerned about the coaching staff and about Freddie Kitchens’ prospects as head coach, but I remain optimistic in the Browns.

Lamar Jackson is a QB. I hate this idea that because the Dolphins are a bad team, you can’t take his performance on Sunday seriously. You absolutely can! If you thought he was a bad QB in 2018, then you can’t possibly deflect how he looked on Sunday. His mechanics were different, he made the right reads, showed good vision and awareness. Dolphins or not, those are traits that bad QBs do not possess.

I have long beaten the drum that Dak Prescott is a good QB, and that beat seems to be getting louder. Dak is not great. He is not a revolutionary, game-changing QB. But he is the perfect QB for what the Cowboys want to accomplish on offense. He is a good QB, he deserves to get paid what he ultimately will get.

Patriots rolled over the Steelers 33-3. Tom Brady threw 3 TD and 341 yards. Next week, the Pats add Antonio Brown. And play the Dolphins. God help them.

NFL Stats of the Week

  • QB Ryan Fitzpatrick made history on Sunday. He became the first QB in NFL history to throw a touchdown and an interception on 8 different teams!
  • The cumulative score of the last 3 Dolphins vs Ravens games is 137-16
  • Last time the Rams won in Carolina was 2001 – the year they went to the Super Bowl
  • Cowboys have won 5 in a row vs Giants

Looking Ahead – week 2

  • Saints vs Rams – Does it need to be said? Revenge, payback for NFC Championship
  • Bears vs Broncos – Broncos coach Vic Fangio vs the team he spent the last four years with as defensive coordinator
  • Patriots vs Dolphins – New Dolphins coach Brian Flores was a Patriots assistant coach since 2004. Antonio Brown will likely make his debut for the Patriots
  • Ravens vs Cardinals – 2016 vs 2018 Heisman Trophy winners (Lamar Jackson vs Kyler Murray)
  • Browns vs Jets – 2018 #1 vs #3 picks (Baker Mayfield vs Sam Darnold)
  • Seahawks vs Steelers – Super Bowl XL rematch

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