Dropping the Mic on the NBA Draft

All 60 picks of the 2019 NBA Draft is Thursday June 20.

Here is a summary of all of the MIKEDROPSPORTS draft-related content.

2019 Mock Draft

LISTEN: MIKEDROPSPORTS Podcast featuring Mike Schneid and Zach Stein. Mock draft preview begins at the 40:00 mark

Full first round mock draft, including Mike, Zach and Jordan Rappaport.

A look at each team’s history of picking in their current draft slot


Trades made years in advance that had a major impact on draft picks

6 draft night trade regrets (over the past decade)

4 teams made big mistakes in the 2017 Draft

Terrible trades and overlooked stars, highlight the big mistakes in the 2016 Draft

4 guys who were over-drafted and 6 who were under-drafted in the 2018 Draft

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NY Knicks

NYK picks #3 in 2019. Their recent history in the first round suggests this pick will not end well

Knicks have been even worse picking in the second round, where they have over three decades of futility

Brooklyn Nets

Some awful trades have really impacted the Nets roster over the years. A look back at what the team could have been

Charlotte Hornets

There is a reason the Hornets are struck in purgatory – they have done a really poor job of drafting

Cleveland Cavaliers

How the Cavs have drafted since the first post-Lebron James era

New Orleans Pelicans

2019 will be the second time the Pelicans pick #1 – but inbetween #1 picks, they have nothing to show for it

Sacramento Kings

Sac Kings have the longest active playoff drought in the NBA (13 years) – a big reason why is poor drafting and decision making

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