Dropping the Mic on the Weekend

Talking about a clown, a dumbo, being angry and being confused, let’s drop the mic on some of the top stories from this past weekend.


What a weekend for Hawaii! First, the state of urgency was lifted and Hurricane Lane was downgraded to a tropical storm – exciting news for the locals! For the sports fans there, the football team kicked off the season with a nice win at Colorado State and the baseball team won the Little League World Series. Hawaii doesn’t get enough credit for the athletes they produce, since many of them stay on the islands to play college sports, which is great but impacts their visibility due to the time difference. Hopefully these athletes, the ones that stay and the ones that play elsewhere (like Marcus Mariota, Tua Tagovailoa) continue to perform at a high level, providing exciting memories.


Urban Meyer should have lost his job for the role he played in this assistant coach domestic violence issue. I’ve read the story and the bottom line is he knew something, which is enough to hold him liable. That’s enough to get him fired. We’ve seen players suspended 4 games for selling gear, such as sneakers (UNC), or jerseys (AJ Green) or shoes (Todd Gurley). Why does Meyer deserve less for something criminally wrong. I had more to write here, but I “forgot” what else I was going to say


The fact that the Jets and Bills are still pretending to hold a QB competition is beyond laughable. Cut the BS. Name the rookies the starters so that players can move forward with the proper mentality and everyone can get ready for week 1.

Another confused face – why hasn’t anyone acquired Teddy Bridgewater yet? He’s better than several starters and almost every backup.


Diana Taurasi is now 36 years old but still as good as ever! After helping the Phoenix Mercury knock off the Sparks, Taurasi’s teams are now 13-0 in WNBA winner-take-all playoff games. Amazing! The Mercury are currently facing the Seattle Storm in the western conference finals.


In college basketball, the RPI is no more and the newest metric is called NET. It doesn’t matter what it stands for or what it means – everyone is still going to be super pissed at the selection committee no matter what. Especially when their school gets snubbed from the tournament. Mid-majors getting left out will cause a riot. And one of these days, Syracuse will lose 20 games and still makes it, and Duke will lose 10+ and still be the #1 seed.


NY radio personality Mike Francesa is the most delusional, egotistical maniac NY has to offer right now. And given the many personalities in the city, related to sports, that’s saying something. This clown thinks he can charge $8.99/month so that people can hear his football picks? Or get his thoughts on a major story at 9am? SO WHAT! He is the LAST person I want to hear from. He is charging more than the Athletic! Which is loaded with reputable, strong, and interesting writers and personalities. I’d even pay more  to see Adam Schefter or Woj break news – but not this bumbling buffoon. But unlike Francesa, Schefter and Woj know how to use twitter without going to Twitter HQ offices, so they can simply tweet their stories or use their instagram accounts, free of charge!


As you can see from the above image, Fox Sports “analyst” Robert Smith has Texas winning the national championship. In football. In 2018. All due respect to Texas, who I believe will be much improved in year 2 under Tom Herman and is poised for 8+ wins, they are not yet “back” to the point where we should be talking about championships and playoff appearances. I think Tom Herman will get them there, but this pick is just naive.


In response to recent changes made by ESPN to their morning show “Get Up”, hosted by Mike Greenberg, Jesse Spector had this to say on twitter


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