Halloween Costumes for NFL Week 8

A look at some of the key NFL week 8 matchups and how certain people in these matchups should dress up for Halloween.

Buccaneers vs Giants

Daniel Jones needs to dress up as Eli Manning.

Manning famously led the Giants to TWO Super Bowl victories over Tom Brady and the Patriots, in 2008 and 2012. Worth noting, those were both election years and this game is being played on the eve of the 2020 Election on Monday night. That’s even more reason for Jones to wear #10 and dress up like the future Hall of Fame QB and play like him.

Titans vs Bengals

Bengals need to dress up as the 2019 LSU defense

The good news for the 2020 Bengals is that #1 pick Joe Burrow has been everything expected of him and more. He has been amazing. The bad news, is that the Bengals defense is awful.

In week 6, Bengals led the Colts 21-0 through the first quarter (and one play in the second quarter). In week 7, they allowed Baker Mayfield to complete 22 of 23 passes, after starting the game 0-5. Bengals took a 34-31 lead with 1:06 remaining, which turned out to be plenty of time for the Browns to score the game-winning touchdown. It took them 55 seconds to go 75 yards on 5 plays.

In addition to Burrow, a big reason why LSU went 15-0 in 2019 was their defense, which has about a dozen rookies in the NFL this year. Bengals need to play more like Tigers so they can beat the Titans.

Rams vs Dolphins

Rams need to dress up like the 2001 Rams

The 2001 Rams did more than just appear in Super Bowl XXXVI. They were the last Rams team to beat the Dolphins. Dolphins have won 4 straight and are 11-2 all-time against the Rams.

Rams went to the NFC Championship both times – 1976 (lost to Vikings) and 2001 (beat Eagles, lost Super Bowl to Patriots).

Cowboys vs Eagles

Mike McCarthy and Doug Pederson need to wear two costumes – 1) doctor; 2) football coach

Both teams are in similar situations. Both have 2 wins in 7 games, both have underwhelmed and both have been significantly impacted by injuries.

If only McCarthy and Pederson were doctors, maybe they could help heal Dak Prescott or the Philly receivers or both offensive lines.

Or better yet, maybe both head coaches could act like head coaches. Despite the barriers, neither coach has done a good job in 2020. For example, Carson Wentz looks lost for the Eagles. He’s obviously pressing, since the offense is short-handed, but it’s Pederson’s job to coach him up and ensure he stays level-headed and make smart decisions. For the Cowboys, there seems to be a disconnect between players and coaches and this team has never looked comfortable at any point this year.

Patriots vs Bills

Cam Newton needs to dress like a starting NFL quarterback

It’s unfair to suggest Cam dress like 2015 MVP Cam. It’s even more unfair to ask him to dress like Tom Brady. But Newton just needs to come out and perform like an average, productive NFL quarterback because right now he is the complete opposite.

Newton has thrown for less than 165 yards passing in 4 of 5 starts and only has 2 passing TDs, and 7 interceptions (at least one in 4 of 5 games, including each of the last 4).

Jets vs Chiefs

Le’Veon Bell needs to dress like a winner

Bell was recently released by the Jets and signed with the Chiefs. He is most certainly not a loser anymore and definitely has a chance to be a winner with the Chiefs.

Browns vs Raiders

This game needs fans from both teams

Is there a better post-Halloween matchup?

Mike is an alum of the University of Cincinnati and the ultimate sports nerd.

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