QB Rivalry – Lamar Jackson vs Deshaun Watson

Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson are two of the most exciting young quarterbacks in the NFL. In college, they went head-to-head twice – once on the field and once off of it, and have opposed each other twice in the NFL.

Chapter 1 – Louisville vs Clemson

10/1/2016 – Clemson won 42-36

This was an instant classic on Saturday Night primetime during week 5. Both teams were 4-0, with Louisville ranked #3 and Clemson ranked #5.

Watson threw 2 TDs in the final few minutes of the game. He completed 20-31 passes, 306 yards, threw 5 TDs and 3 INT and ran for 91 yards.

Jackson completed 27-44 passes, 295 yards, TD, INT and ran for 162 yards and 2 TDs. But at the end, Jackson came up just inches short on the final play of the game.

The significance of this game is that Clemson ultimately played for the National Championship and beat Alabama. If they would have lost this game, it’s questionable how the season would have played out and if they would have made it.

Chapter 2 – Heisman Trophy

While Watson is 1-0 in head-to-head college games, Jackson got a pretty significant victory in December of 2016 when he won the Heisman Trophy.

Jackson received 526 first place votes and 2,144 points total. Watson received 269 first place votes and 1,524 points total.

Those two were the runaways favorites, as the next move first place votes was Baker Mayfield, with 26.

Season passing stats:

  • Jackson – 230-409, 3,543 yards, 30 TD, 9 INT
  • Watson – 388-579, 4,593 yards, 41 TD, 17 INT

Season rushing stats:

  • Jackson – 260 carries, 1,571 yards, 21 TDs
  • Watson – 165 carries, 629 yards, 9 TDs

Chapter 3 – Ravens vs Texans

11/17/2019 – Ravens won 41-7

Ravens won their 6th straight game in a route.

Jackson completed 17-24 passes, 222 yards and 4 TD and ran for 79 yards on 10 carries.

Watson completed 18-29 passes, for just 169 yards, 1 INT, and was sacked 6 times.

9/20/2020 – Ravens won 33-16

Ravens improved to 2-0, while Texans fell to 0-2.

Jackson completed 18-24 passes for 204 yards and a touchdown and ran for 54 yards.

Watson completed 25-36 passes for 275 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception.

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