History of Tom Brady vs 2020 Opponents

After 20 years, 219 regular season wins, 74,571 yards, 541 touchdowns, and 6 Super Bowl victories in 9 appearances…

Tom Brady has left the New England Patriots and is taking his talents to Tampa Bay to play for the Buccaneers.


Last playoff appearance: Brady joins a Bucs team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2007, when they lost to the NY Giants in the Wild Card round. Ironically, that Giants team won 3 straight road game in the playoffs and then beat Tom Brady and the 18-0 Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

Playoff appearance drought: Tampa’s 12 year playoff drought is the second longest in the NFL, behind only the Browns (17 years).

Playoff win drought: Bucs haven’t won a playoff game since 2002, when they beat the Raiders in Super Bowl 37. That game was sandwiched in-between Brady’s first Super Bowl in 2001, and his back-to-back titles in 2003-2004. Bucs, coached by Jon Gruden, beat the Raiders, who are currently coached by Jon Gruden (see more below).

Stability vs instability

Patriots since 2000

  • One head coach – Bill Belichick
  • Five starting QBs – Brady, Drew Bledsoe, Matt Cassel, Jimmy Garoppolo, Jacoby Brisset

Brady took over for Bledsoe a couple games into 2001 and never looked back. A torn ACL cost him 15 games in 2008, allowing Matt Cassel to start. And a four-game suspension stemming from deflate-gate led to 2 starts each for Garoppolo and Brissett in 2016.

Bucs since 2000

  • 7 head coaches – Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, Raheem Morris, Greg Schiano, Lovie Smith, Dirk Koetter, Bruce Arians
  • 17 starting QBs – Shaun King, Brad Johnson, Rob Johnson, Chris Simms, Brian Greise, Bruce Gradkowski, Tim Rattay, Jeff Garcia, Luke McCown, Byron Leftwich, Josh Johnson, Josh Freeman, Mike Glennon, Josh McCown, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jameis Winston

Byron Leftwich started 3 games for the Bucs in 2009. He is now the offensive coordinator for the Bucs. In two head-to-head starts against Leftwich (2003 and 2006), Brady is 2-0, throwing for 429 yards, 5 TD, and 0 INT.

Moving on From Winston

Coming off a 7-9 season, their first under coach Bruce Arians, Bucs signed Brady to replace Jameis Winston.

Winston is a former Heisman Trophy winning QB, who helped lead Florida State to the BCS National Championship in 2013 and was the #1 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

He threw for over 5,000 yards, 30 touchdowns and 30 interceptions in 2019. From 2015-2019, the Bucs went 28-42 over his 5 yrs as Bucs starter.

Bucs vs 2020

In 2020, the Bucs face their NFC South rivals twice, all four teams from the NFC North, NFC West, and the NY Giants and LA Rams.

Against those 13 teams, Bucs are 183-282 (39%) all-time.

The only team they face in 2020, in which they have an all-time winning record is the Chiefs (7-5).

Bucs head coach Bruce Arians (in 5 years with Cardinals and 1 year with Bucs) has a career W/L record of 23-18 in the regular season against those 13 teams.

Brady vs 2020

Brady has a career record of 57-24 (including playoffs and a 4-2 record in Super Bowls) against the 13 teams he will face in 2020.

NFC South

In total, Brady is 13-4 vs NFC south, going 2-0 in Super Bowls, winning 2 Super Bowls in South stadiums and throwing 33 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

New Orleans Saints

Brady vs Saints: 4-1

Against Brees: 2-1 since Brees joined Saints, but 2-3 overall (0-2 when Brees was with Chargers)
Brees and Brady are ranked 1 and 2, respectively, in all-time passing yards, each exceeding 74,000 career yards.

Road history: 2-1 in Superdome, include a win in Super Bowl XXXVI. That was Brady’s first Super Bowl win in 2001.
Brady’s first official game as a Buc will take place in New Orleans

The loss: In 2009, Brady threw 2 interceptions and no touchdowns in a 38-17 loss at New Orleans. Brees completed 18-23 passes for 371 yards and 5 touchdowns. That was the year the Saints won the Super Bowl.

Atlanta Falcons

Brady vs Falcons: 6-0

Road history: 5-0 in Atlanta, including Super Bowl 53 victory against Rams.

Super Bowl history: In Super Bowl 51, the Patriots overcame a 28-3 deficit, to win in overtime. Brady threw 62 passes, completing 43 for 466 yards, 2 touchdowns and 1 interception.

Carolina Panthers

Brady vs Panthers: 2-3 in his regular season career vs Carolina, but 3-3 including a win in Super Bowl 38
Brady has a losing regular season record against only two teams – Panthers are one of them (Seahawks the other).

Road history: 1-2 – last start was a loss in 2013

Super Bowl history: Brady’s second Super Bowl win came at the conclusion of the 2003 season. Adam Vinatieri hit a 41 yard field goal in the final seconds to help Patriots win 32-29. Brady completed 32-48 passes, 354 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT.

NFC North

NFC South plays the NFC North in 2020.

Green Bay Packers

Brady vs Packers: 3-2

Against Rodgers: 2-1
In those 3 head-to-head games, Brady has thrown 5 TD and 0 INT
Week 6 is the 4th (and last?) career head-to-head matchup between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

Minnesota Vikings

Brady vs Vikings: 5-0
10 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in 5 games

Against Kirk Cousins: 2-0 in head-to-head starts, beating the Vikings in 2018 and the Redskins in 2015.

Chicago Bears

Brady vs Bears: 5-0

Road history: 3-0 in Chicago
In those 3 road games, the Patriots offense averaged 36 points per game and Brady has thrown for 974 yards, 8 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.

QB history: Brady and the Pats lost Super Bowl 52 to the Eagles, led by QB Nick Foles, who is likely to start week 5 for the Bears.

Detroit Lions

Brady vs Lions: 4-2

Road history: 2-1 in Detroit
The loss came in 2018. Brady was a dismal 14-26 passing, 133 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception.

Connections: Former Patriots WR Danny Amendola is on the Lions. Together, he and Brady won two Super Bowls (XLIX, LI).
Lions head coach Matt Patricia was with the Patriots from 2004-2017 as a defensive assistant, winning 3 Super Bowls.

AFC West

NFC South plays the AFC West in 2020.

Kansas City Chiefs

Brady vs Chiefs: 7-4

Playoff record: 2-0 – last win 2019 AFC Championship Game, en route to Brady’s last Super Bowl appearance/win

Against Mahomes: Brady bested Patrick Mahomes twice in 2018, before Mahomes finally beat Brady in 2019, and then won his first Super Bowl.

The first head-to-head matchup in 2018 was a classic, that the Patriots won 43-40. A few months later, New England won in overtime on the road in the AFC Championship Game. In 2019 Chiefs won 23-16 on the road.

Against Andy Reid: Brady is 6-1 including winning Super Bowl 39 against Reid’s Eagles.

Denver Broncos

Brady vs Broncos: 7-6 in regular season, 8-9 overall
Brady is 1-3 in the playoffs vs the Broncos

The Broncos are the only team Brady has an overall losing record against.

Playoff history: Brady’s one playoff win vs Broncos came in 2011 divisional round, when the Pats won 45-10 against Tim Tebow and the Broncos.

The three losses came in 2005 divisional round (Jake Plummer Broncos QB) and the 2013 and 2015 AFC Championship Games, led by Peyton Manning.

Road history: 4-7 in Denver
Bucs played at Denver week 3.

Los Angeles Chargers

Brady vs Chargers: 9-2 (3-0 in playoffs)

Brady vs QBs: Won 8 in a row vs Chargers (8-0 vs Philip Rivers); 2 losses came against Drew Brees (2002, 2005)

Bucs face Chargers week 4. It’s possible former Bills QB Tyrod Taylor is starting over rookie Justin Herbert. Brady is 5-0 when Tyrod Taylor is the opposing team’s starter.

Las Vegas Raiders

Brady vs Raiders: 5-1

Playoff history: Patriots beat Raiders in 2001 postseason – it was Brady’s first playoff win (en route to winning Super Bowl 36) and it was the famous “Tuck Rule” game

Perfect passer: Raiders are the only team (minus the Patriots) whom Brady has not thrown an interception against. In 6 game, he has thrown 8 touchdown passes and zero interceptions.

NFC 2019 Third Place Finishers

Finally, the last 2 games are against NFC foes who finished in the same spot as the Bucs in 2019, third. its also 2 teams whom Brady has opposite super Bowl success against 

Los Angeles Rams

Brady vs Rams: 5-1

Super Bowl history: Brady is 2-0 vs Rams, winning his first (2001) and sixth (2018) Super Bowls against them. The wins came in 2 of his 3 new NFC South rivals’ stadiums (New Orleans, Atlanta).

New York Giants

Brady vs Giants: 4-3

Super Bowl history: 0-2, losing twice to Eli Manning (now retired). First loss came in 2007, when Patriots went 16-0 in the regular season and 2011, which was their first Super Bowl appearance since that 2007 loss.

Regular season history: Brady is 4-1, including a win in 2019.

Reunited with Gronk

You can’t tell the story of Tom Brady without mentioning TE Rob Gronkowski.

The future Hall of Fame duo has combined for  7,786 yards and 78 touchdowns and 3 Super Bowls in New England. 

Now, Gronk joins TB in TB.

Gronk has 79 career touchdowns, with 78 coming from Brady. Of those 79 TDs, 22 of them have come against 9 of the the Bucs’ 13 opponents in 2020. He has scored the most touchdowns against the Chargers (5), with the Bears second (4). He has 3 against the Chiefs and Broncos and 2 against the Giants. He has 1 TD against Rams, Raiders, Saints, Panthers. That leaves the Falcons, Packers, Vikings, Lions as the 4 teams he will face that he has never scored against.

Brady and Gronk join WRs Mike Evans and Chris Godwin, who in 2019, combined for 2,490 yards and 17 touchdowns.

The 2020 season is going to end in Tampa Bay inside Raymond James Stadium on February 7, 2021. Will it include Brady and the Bucs? 

Mike is a member of the FWAA (Football Writers Association of America) and an alum of the University of Cincinnati.

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