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Jan 28, 2019; Atlanta, GA, USA; Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff (16) and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (12) talk on stage during Opening Night for Super Bowl LIII at State Farm Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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Every Wednesday MIKEDROPSPORTS produces a weekly theme article called “Women Wednesday” . This week’s column highlight CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson and the role she will play in Super Bowl 53.

All of this week’s daily themes are part of our Super Bowl coverage. Movies Monday was about championship football teams in movies. Travel Tuesday took a look at some of the best/worst NFL experiences.


PODCAST Episode 3

Mike Schneid and Zach Stein discuss the latest Anthony Davis drama and trade rumors and the role the Lakers, Celtics and perhaps Knicks play in the outcome. And, of course, we look ahead to Super Bowl 53.

NBA Poetic Podcast – Episode 1 (NY Knicks Edition)

Debut edition of the new weekly NBA poetic podcast with episode 1 all about the Knicks. Talking about free agency and potential draft picks. You won’t want to miss this entertaining show. That goes into great detail about how the Knicks really blow.

Patriots Super Bowl History

Sunday will be the 9th time Tom Brady and Bill Belichick lead the New England Patriots into the Super Bowl, and the 11th time all-time for the Pats franchise.

Here is a look at some of the key stats in those 8 Brady/Belichick games:

Tom Brady 

  • Total – 66% completions, 2,576 yards, 18 TDs, 5 INT, sacked 17 times
  • On average – 29-45, 322, 2 TD, 0.6 INT

Of course, Brady has a 5-3 overall record in those 8 games. Patriots have outscored their opponents by the slimmest of margins – 202-198, an average score of 25.2 – 24.75-3 record

Running Game

Patriots have yet to have a 100 yard rusher in the Super Bowl. When you have Tom Brady, you don’t emphasize the run too much. Only four guys have ran for touchdowns in Patriots Super Bowl games since 2002 – James White (3), Antowain Smith, Corey Dillon, and Laurence Maroney.

Leading rushers – Antowain Smith – 175 (2 games), Corey Dillon – 75 (1 game); James White – 74 (2 games); LaGarrette Blount – 71 (2 games)


As noted above, Brady has thrown 18 touchdown passes in 8 games. Those passes have been distributed to 14 different receivers.

A look at everyone who has caught a Tom Brady touchdown pass in the Super Bowl – Rob Gronkowski (3), Danny Amendola (2), David Givens (2), James White, Troy Brown, Deion Branch, Chris Hogan, Julian Edelman, Brandon LaFell, Danny Woodhead, Aaron Hernandez, Randy Moss, David Patten, Mike Vrabel

Leading receivers (yards) – Amendola – 278 (3 games), Gronkowski – 210 (3), Troy Brown 165 – (2 ), Branch – 143 (1), White – 131 (2), Hogan – 128 (1), Edelman 109 (1), Givens 88 (2)

Leading receivers (catches) – Amendola – 21, Welker – 18, Gronkowski – 17, White – 16, Brown – 14


Patriots defense has recorded 7 interceptions and 20 sacks in the 8 games that Brady has started at QB.

Rams (almost) 20 Year QB History

Jared Goff has proven to be a pretty good quarterback the last couple of seasons. If only it only came this easy to the Rams. Hall of Famer Kurt Warner, who led the Rams in Super Bowls XXXIV and XXXVI, left the team in 2004. Since then, it’s been a revolving door at the QB position.

But the revolving door goes back well before Kurt Warner. Here’s a look the Rams QB history, when it comes to the draft.

  • 48 QBs drafted in franchise history
  • 4 #1 overall picks (Goff 2016, Sam Bradford 2010, Billy Wade 1952, Terry Baker 1963)
  • 7 first round picks (those 4 plus plus Roman Gabriel 1962, Bobby Thomason 1949, Billy Munson 1964)

Since their last Super Bowl appearance, 20 different QBs (including Warner) have started games.

List of QBs who have started since Super Bowl in 2002

  • Marc Bulger – 95 starts, 41-54 record
  • Sam Bradford – 49 starts, 18-30-1
  • Jared Goff – 38 starts, 24-14
  • Case Keenum – 14 starts, 7-7
  • Kellen Clemens – 12 starts, 4-8
  • Nick Foles – 11 starts, 4-7
  • Austin Davis – 8 starts, 3-5
  • Shaun Hill – 8 starts, 3-5
  • Kurt Warner – 7 starts, 0-7 (50 starts total with Rams, 35-15 overall)

Others – Jamie Martin (7), Trent Green (6), Kyle Boller (4), Keith Null (4), Ryan Fitzpatrick (3), Gus Frerotte (3), AJ Feeley (3), Brock Berlin (1), Scott Covington (1), Sean Mannion (1)

During that same time frame, they have drafted 8 QBs – Bradford and Goff first overall, Mannion was a 3rd round pick in 2015, four QBs taken in round 6 (Keith Null, Steve Bellisari, Jeff Smoker, Garrett Gilbert), and Ryan Fitzpatrick drafted in the 7th round in 2005.

Tuesday NBA Recap

I’m going to continue to put James Harden on blast. Because no one else will! Harden scored 30 points for the 24th consecutive game. He continues to be the best scorer in the NBA. But 11-32 shooting, 6-18 from three and another loss for the Rockets. He’s amazing. I’m not taking anything away from his recent hot streak but I continue to question him as the mVp. V stands for valuable – how valuable is a guy who shoots 11-32 and can’t lead his team to a win over a short-handed and distracted Pelicans team. Crazy or not, that’s how I view the MVP award. And Harden still has plenty of time to separate himself further, as long as the Rockets are winning.

Anthony Davis sat out the Pelicans win over the Rockets due to injury, and Jahlil Okafor had the game of his professional life with 27 points (11-15 shooting, that’s efficiency, Mr Harden) and 12 rebounds. Okafor could be a key piece IF the Pelicans trade Anthony Davis by next week.

In fact, here’s a look at Okafors’ last 5 games, including this one

  • 20 points, 10 rebounds
  • 17 points, 10 rebounds
  • 18 points, 8 rebounds
  • 24 points, 15 rebounds
  • 27 points, 12 rebounds

As far as trading Davis before 2/7 – I believe that will not happen! Trading Davis is too significant, too meaningful and too complicated of a deal to rush. And I believe New Orleans will want all of the cards on the table (meaning the Celtics best offer). “But Anthony Davis only wants to play in LA”. Well, so did Paul George and he loved OKC so much that he signed a 5 year max deal to stay long term. Why can’t that happen with Davis too?

Speaking of the Lakers, they are now just one game over .500 (26-25) after losing the the 76ers. They are 6-11 without Lebron James. So let me ask you this – what makes anyone think Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Kyle Kuzma can be better on the Pelicans? Ingram did score 36 points on a really efficient 16-20 night. Kuzma and Lonzo both sat.

Nets beat one of the worst teams in the NBA, the Bulls, but no disrespect to Brooklyn who is now 8-2 in their last 10 games!. 2019 All Star-to-be D’Angelo Russell scored 30 points to lead the way. I actually think the Nets beating a bad team is a great, because good teams beat the teams they are supposed to. The Nets have done that and more than that too. This is a good team and I’d expect them to make a minor move or two before the trade deadline to keep themselves in playoff positioning.

Does Paul George deserve MVP consideration? Maybe. He scored 37 points in the Thunder win over the Magic and Russell Westbrook recorded his 4th straight triple double and 17th of the season with 23 points, 14 rebounds, 14 assists. Dennis Schroder finished with 21 points but had 18 in the 4th quarter alone.

College Basketball Tuesday Recap

Texas, one day after I put Shaka Smart on the hot seat and after Stein’s Lines picked Kansas, the Longhorns upset Jayhawks, beating KU for the first time since 2014. Kansas, meanwhile is now 1-5 on the road this year. I refuse to say they are “in trouble” in the Big 12. Obviously, they will win the regular season conference title outright, but right now this team does not look like a championship contender.

Virginia beat NC State by 1 in overtime, after NC State guy was fouled shooting a three with 0.9 seconds remaining. He would miss the first and that would be the difference.

Today is WOMEN WEDNESDAY. This week’s daily themes continue with the Super Bowl theme and we spotlight a woman who will certainly be part of the spotlight on Sunday.

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