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What an exciting Sunday of football and we now know that Super Bowl 53 is set! MIKEDROPSPORTS will have tons of coverage over the next 13 days of the big game, but for now we interrupt our football coverage for a special edition of the DAILY. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr Day, we take a break from dropping the mic on the latest news, to take a look at my top 5 sports dreams.

Note – these dreams are unbiased, general sports dreams for basketball and football. I didn’t include my personal dreams or anything insanely unrealistic.

NBA – I dream that Kevin Durant will leave the Warriors and restore competitive balance (sort of).

This is a tough one. First, I love Kevin Durant. I don’t hate him for going to the Warriors. He did what he felt was best for him and his family at the time. I’ve written about this before – don’t blame Kevin Durant blame everyone else.

That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing someone else at the top of the NBA. Since Durant’s arrival in Golden State in 2017, the Warriors are two for two in winning championships and are on track to win their third in a row in 2019.

College football – I dream that “Group of 5” teams be respected and give a fair shake

Okay this isn’t as realistic, because SEC fans, among others, surely won’t ever allow this to happen. In respect to this day, I hope for an elimination of segregation between the big boys and the little boys. UCF deserves more respect for going 25-1 over two years. Enough with the “the play no one” BS. Cincinnati went 11-2 in 2018. Fresno State won 12 games, UAB won 11 and their first Conference-USA title. Appalachian State won the Sun Belt and 11 games. These are good football teams. Can they beat Alabama or Clemson? No of course not. But can they beat middle of the pack teams like Washington, Syracuse, or Northwestern? Hell yeah, they can! But again, don’t tell fans of the SEC or Big Ten that I think the “little guys” can actually beat “big guys” because most fans don’t believe they belong in the same league (they are wrong).

College basketball – I dream of a world where players aren’t forced to go to college. Eliminate one-and-dones

As a fan, it’s getting hard and harder to follow with constant turnover every year. We no longer live in a world where juniors and seniors are the best players. The best players are all freshman who come and go within five months. It makes it hard for fans to fully invest in their teams. It takes the fun away from following guys from high school through graduation and tracking their progression, mostly because the progression happens in the NBA. There’s a few exceptions of course. But generally, I think one-and-dones are bad for the college game and if players don’t want to be there, they should no longer be forced to.

NFL – I dream that we pay the players

In baseball, Bryce Harper is seeking a 10 year, $300 million contract. The annual dollars of $30 million is reasonable in football terms as it’s equivalent of what a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers is paid. It’s the $300 million total that’s alarming. Baseball contracts are all fully guarenteed, which means Harper would be guarenteed all $300 million. How many football players make that in a career? Not many, outside a select few.

Point being, if Harper is worth $300 million, how much is prime Tom Brady worth, $1 billion?? $600+ million for Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees? I mean football players put their long term health at risk every Sunday and their bodies on the line. And baseball players….well, they swing a bat at a ball and that’s apparently worth $300 million. What a country.

All – Refs don’t suck.

Okay this is an ambitious request, but after seeing some college basketball coaches ejected this week for no reason, countless missed foul calls in the NBA nightly, and the significantly high number of missed calls and lengthy reviews in football, that I just wish we lived in a world where referees were perfect. I know no one is perfect.

What are your dreams? In a perfect world, if you could have a dream, what would it be?

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Mike is a member of the FWAA (Football Writers Association of America) and an alum of the University of Cincinnati.

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