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Lebron James – What are we doing here?

The Lakers are done and I projected on the MikeDrop Podcast after the All Star break that the Kings would claim the 8 seed. Since Lebron activated “playoff mode”, LA has lost to the Grizzlies and on Saturday night the Suns. The Suns, and their .190 winning percentage, is the worst team Lebron James has ever lost to. With Monday’s loss to the Clippers, the Lakers have lost 9 of 12 and it’s safe to say it’s over.

The Lakers stink. The players stink and now it’s time to question whether or not Lebron even cares.

He’ll always be known as one of the greatest players in NBA history and he’ll also always be known as a 3-time NBA champion, because he’s never winning another.

Not with this attitude…

While it was obvious at the time it’s become more and more clear that Lebron James sole purpose for signing with the Lakers was to benefit his post-NBA career, not to benefit the end of his playing career.

Here are the implications of the Lakers missing the playoffs:

  • Lakers drought extends to 6 years
  • Lebron James team misses playoffs for first time since 2005
  • 2010 is the last time Lebron James team did not play in the NBA Finals. Ironically, it’s also the last time the Lakers won the Finals
  • The last time the Lakers won a playoff series was 2012, which is also the same year Lebron James won his first NBA title

It’s over for the Lakers in 2019 and barring some major reconstruction of this team over the summer, it could be over for the championship portion of Lebron’s career too.

Is it over?

It’s fair to ask if we will ever see Carmelo Anthony in an NBA uniform again. Out since, basically December, the Lakers have reportedly pulled the plug on Carmelo due to not being in the playoff race. Lakers always seemed like Anthony’s best bet and now it might be safe to assume there won’t be another chapter in his Hall of Fame career.

Kansas has won 14 straight Big 12 regular season championships. The last time they didn’t win at least a share was 2004. The famous streak is about to end on Saturday. Kansas now needs to win at Oklahoma and beat Baylor this week. But in addition, they need Kansas State to lose at home to Oklahoma AND Texas Tech to lose at Iowa State. I don’t see either of those happening.

Giants are likely letting Pro Bowl Safety Landon Collins walk as a free agent and I’m stunned. Collins will become one of the top players on the market and a team like the Colts should absolutely make him the highest paid Safety in football. Collins is the missing piece for several teams and he will get paid a lot of money.

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