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Mike Schneid and Zach Stein discuss the latest Anthony Davis drama and trade rumors and the role the Lakers, Celtics and perhaps Knicks play in the outcome. And, of course, we look ahead to Super Bowl 53.

The Ties Between Los Angeles, Boston, and New Orleans

These are the three most significant sports cities right now – LA, Boston, and New Orleans. 

Last weekend, the LA Rams beat the New Orleans Saints to advance to Super Bowl 53 against the New England Patriots. 

Now, reports are Anthony Davis wants out of New Orleans Pelicans and the top two candidates are considered the LA Lakers and Boston Celtics. 

Can LA put the screws on New Orleans and get the better of them twice in two weeks? Which would also mean beating Boston twice in two weeks too! Or will Boston get the better of LA this week and this summer in acquiring Davis. Either way, New Orleans comes away a big loser and will have a major issue with both of these two cities.

History of Los Angeles vs Boston

Now that we have established New Orleans as the biggest loser in sports right now, let’s focus on the history of the two most relevant sports cities right now.

Sunday’s Rams vs Patriots game will be the first Boston/LA NFL Championship game. But these two cities are very familiar with each other when it comes to rivalries and championships.

NFL – Patriots vs Los Angeles

The Patriots and Rams have Super Bowl experience against each other, from 2002. But that was the St. Louis Rams.

However, the Patriots do have history against three different Los Angeles football teams.

Overall, Patriots are 20-17 vs Los Angeles teams including:

  • 28 games (14-14) against the LA Raiders between 1960-1994
  • 7 games (4-3) vs LA Rams, most recently in 2016 but prior from 1974-1992
  • 2 games (2-0) vs Chargers, one last regular season and this year’s Divisional Round of the playoffs.

NBA – Lakers vs Celtics

Lakers vs Celtics is one of the most famous rivalries in all of professional sports. These two teams have combined for 33 NBA championships.

Overall wins, including regular season and playoffs since 1960 (when Lakers relocated to LA from Minnesota)

  • Celtics – 194
  • Lakers 159

NBA Finals history – Celtics are 43-31 vs Lakers in Finals games. In 12 NBA Finals series, the Celtics have won 9 out of 12, with the Lakers winning the most recent meeting in 2010. Prior to that, the Celtics last win came in 2008.

MLB – Dodgers vs Red Sox

These teams just met in the 2018 World Series, with the Red Sox winning 4-1. Prior to that, there isn’t much history between these teams due to the rarity of interleague play prior 2002 (their first meeting). Red Sox lead 16-9 vs LA Dodgers (LA is just 4-10 since 2010). Dodgers are just 1-10 at Fenway Park.

NHL – Kings vs Bruins

These teams have never met in the Stanley Cup. In all-time regular season games, the Bruins have an 85-38-13 edge.

Anthony Davis – What’s Next

Listen to the MIKEDROPSPORTS Podcast for much more comprehensive thoughts on this subject.

In summary, I don’t see any way that the Pelicans deal Davis before February 7th. It’s too complicated and significant of a trade and they’d be crazy to do it without having all of the cards on the table. Because of the “Rose Rule” and their previous acquisition of Kyrie Irving, the Celtics are not eligible to trade for Davis until the summer. Why would New Orleans not wait until the summer to see everyone that is available to them.

And don’t give me this “well his value goes down if it’s only a one year rental vs one year and a half”. Stop that. He’s Anthony Davis. His value is what it is and all the cards that are on the table now will be there this summer, and more.

The top two contenders are clearly the Lakers and Celtics. But could someone else jump in and make a sneaky offer?

Here are some of the top potential trade offers current contending or big market teams can offer:

Lakers – Combination of Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Kyle Kuzma.

Fun fact – this lineup went 37-45 in 2018 and did so with Pelicans forward Julius Randle. This year, they are 6-10 without Lebron. How much of a difference is this supporting cast with Jrue Holiday than they are on their own? I don’t believe that any of the guys LA could give up are future superstars. I believe Pelicans can (and will) do better and I don’t see them sending Davis to his most desired destination and keeping him in the Western Conference.

Celtics – Combination of Jaylen Brown, Jason Tatum, Terry Rozier, 2019 Kings pick, 2021 Grizzlies pick

This one is complicated because it cannot happen until the summer but the Celtics certainly have the best assets to offer and no reason to hold back in doing what it takes to potentially pair Davis with Kyrie Irving.

Raptors – Pascal Siakam, OG Anunoby and salary filler, and multiple first round picks

If you are the Raptors, you do whatever it takes, short of trading Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard. Parting with a potential all star in Siakam hurts, but it’s Anthony Davis! You do what you have to do. Give them every young asset and every future draft pick.

Wizards – Bradley Beal for Anthony Davis

For the Wizards, it unites John Wall and Davis, two Kentucky alums and allows them to pursue John Calipari as head coach (kidding…sort of). For the Pelicans, a franchise that struggles to attract major free agents, they add a bona-fide all star whose already under a long term contract.

Bucks – Kris Middleton, Thon Maker, draft picks

This deal is complicated by the fact that Middleton is a free agent in 2019. But the idea of Maker, a young raw prospect and a potential all star in Middleton would be intriguing enough IF Pelicans decided to make a move now.

Knicks – Kevin Knox, Allonzo Trier, Mitchell Robinson, draft picks

This makes no sense. The Knicks are 3 months away from accomplishing their ultimate tank goal. Knox is a building block. They want RJ Barrett or Zion Williamson and they are this close to getting one of them. You stay the course and pass on Davis (for now).

Warriors – Jonas Jerebko, Jordan Bell, Jacobs Evans, Shaun Livingston, and 6 first round picks


Seattle Sonics – Acquire the Pelicans

Why not, right?

Celebrating the 29th of the Month

On Monday, our random players of the day were two Super Bowl winning running backs for the Rams and Patriots.

Rams RB Eric Dickerson is among the all-time greats. Like Marshall Faulk, who was spotlighted yesterday, Dickerson was the #2 overall pick in the 1984 draft. His #29 jersey is retired by the Rams franchise. He has the NFL record for most rushing yards in a season with 2,105 and the single game playoff rushing record with 248. Unlike Faulk, Dickerson does not have Super Bowl experience.

Former Patriots RB LeGarrette Blount does. He has won 3 Super Bowls – 2 with the Patriots and last year with the Eagles. Blount is known more for being a short-yardage, goal-line type running back as he lacks the breakaway speed and agility of a guy like Dickerson. His two Super Bowls were uneventful, overall carrying the ball 25 times (led the team both games) for 71 yards and no touchdowns.


The SUPER Bowl is certainly the most exciting super phrase, that involves the word “super”. Here is a list of other super events/people/activities – which one is your favorite??

  • Superman
  • Supergirl
  • Superdome
  • Super Mario
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Super Nintendo
  • Super Troopers
  • Superhero
  • Superfecta
  • Super glue

Warriors Dominance Continues

I feel like I just used this same subhead on Monday. But it’s still true. They continue to dominate, beating the Pacers by 32. I know Indiana is short handed, but they are still a potential playoff team and they got smoked by the NBA’s best team. DeMarcus Cousins scored a season-high 22 points. Steph Curry had 26 and the Warriors have won 11 straight games.

Moment of the Day

What to Watch – Tuesday 1/29

Make sure you check out today’s Stein’s Lines. Zach Stein went 3-0 in his debut column on Monday and is looking to help you make money.

In the meantime, here are some of the top basketball games to watch tonight.

College Basketball’s top games:

  • Wisconsin @ Nebraska – Badgers are back in the top 25 and Nebraska has lost three in a row. They have still have NCAA Tournament aspirations and desperately need wins like this to help boost their resume.
  • Ohio State @ Michigan – Better football game than basketball. Ohio State started 12-1, and followed up their hot start with a 5 game losing skid, that they snapped against Nebraska. Another Big Ten team reeling with tournament aspirations – what better way to boost their resume than beating their arch rivals, who are ranked #5.
  • Kentucky @ Vanderbilt – Vandy is having a bad year, but they took Tennessee to overtime last week in Nashville. Can they push Kentucky to the limits?
  • Virginia @ NC State – Road games are always tough. Virginia needs to not look ahead to Saturday’s clash with Duke


  • Pelicans @ Rockets – Guess we’re talking about Pelicans again! Their first game since Davis’ trade request. James Harden looks to continue his ridiculous hot streak and score 30 points for the 22nd straight game.
  • 76ers @ Lakers – Lebron James will miss his 17th straight game. Can this young core step up their game and remain focused, knowing that everyone beyond Lebron is currently on the trade block?

Today is the debut of TRAVEL TUESDAY. In the spirit of this weekend’s Super Bowl, we take a look at some must see, must avoid NFL experience.

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