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CFB Week 7 Stories

NFL Week 6 Stories

  • Christmas Eve 2016, the Browns beat the Chargers. It was their only win over a two year stretch. These teams face each other Sunday with much improved rosters
  • Wade Philips defense played a major role in the Broncos 2015 Super Bowl and has played a huge role for the Rams this year and last. How will the defense fair against former Rams QB Case Keenum?


If this isn’t the greatest story ever, I don’t know what is. On Wednesday, Butler returns to Minnesota and practiced with the team. He grabbed 4 third stringers and beat the starters in a scrimmage, while spenidng much of the game directing vulgar remarks towards Tom Thibedeau and other key members of the organization. On Thursday, Butler told Rachel Nichols there was a player’s only meeting to which several players tweeted out “what meeting?”. Timberwolves are currently the biggest circus in town. They open up the regular season next week and no one is certain if Butler will be there and what is going to happen. There doesn’t seem to be much of an end in sight either.

My biggest question/concern – if Butler really did show up on Wednesday and went bonkers, why did no one knock him out? Taj Gibson, Gorgui Dieng, no one felt the need to shut him up and foul him, shove him to the ground, anything? That says a lot about the players opinions of management, coaching and even stars Karl Anthony-Towns and Andrew Wiggins.


Fans will debate whether or not the Giants should have drafted RB Saquon Barkley #2 or a QB (Sam Darnold?) forever. But how about this – entering the 2019 draft, the Giants are now in excellent shape offensively with Barkley, Odell Beckham, and Evan Engram. If they drafted a QB in 2018, the OL still stinks. Running game would possibly have still stunk. There’s no guarantees a rookie QB would have been set up for success. At least in 2019, Justin Herbert or Drew Lock will have some very good weapons around them.

One last thought on Eli Manning – so many people continue to debate his Hall of Fame credentials and his present abilities. He’s a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famer. No questions asked. At one point he was a top 10 QB. He used to be very good. He no longer is what he used to be, and that’s okay. He shouldn’t be any less beloved or respected.


Philly won 34-13 last night over the Giants, to improve to 3-3. It just seems like they are coasting along. Fans don’t care. Player’s don’t care. And what’s the point? They are all stink on a high after winning the Super Bowl. This team can go 9-7 and easily win the worst division in football. But keep in mind, Carson Wentz had no training camp or practices. As soon as he was cleared, he played. So forgive him if it takes a month or so to find a rhythm. Come late December, January if they do indeed get in to the playoffs (I don’t see how they wouldn’t), they may have enough momentum and rhythm to once again make some noise and wake up from going through the motions.


TCU has a problem. After losing to Ohio State 40-28 earlier this season, TCU’s offense has completely sputtered with outputs of 16 points (vs Texas), 17 (vs Iowa State), and 14 (vs Texas Tech) – they are 1-2 during that stretch, with the latest loss coming to Texas Tech at home last night.

What a win for the Red Raiders, who are now 4-2 with road wins over TCU and Oklahoma State. The offense is as spectacular as always (2nd in passing yards, 14th in points scored) but their defenses ability to hold Oklahoma St to 17 points and now TCU to 14, with both teams losing at home, is nothing short of incredible. Give credit to Defensive Coordinator Gary Gibbs and to head coach Kliff Kingsbury who finally got his guys to commit on defense. Sure, there will still be plenty of shootouts (which we love), but it’s nice seeing the improve defense as well.


Cowboys Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan on Dak Prescott: “I don’t know if u guys know this, he’s won 24 of his first 38 games. A lot of guys we talk about, Hall of Fame players even, I don’t know where they were after their first 38, so I think he’s on par w/ what you’re looking for from a young player.”

What? Ok… Reminder that Prescott went 13-3 s a rookie. What Linehan is saying is definitely true, winning 24 out of 38, but in a “what have you done for me lately” league, it’s worth noting that Prescott has always won just 11 of his last 22 games. .500/average is never good enough in the NFL.


MLB playoffs return on Friday with the beginning of the NLCS with the Dodgers traveling to Milwaukee to face the Brewers in game 1. Clayton Kershaw aganst Gio Gonzalez. Astros/Red Sox open up on Saturday

Three college football games tonight

  • South Florida at Tulsa – can someone please tell me WHY Tulsa has played three of their last four on a week night on ESPN? They were 2-10 a season ago, 1-5 to start this season. You could have put any other AAC teams (except ECU and UConn) on these weekday ESPN slots and it would have been way more entertaining. Anyways, USF should cruise to 6-0
  • Air Force at San Diego State – even without injured RB Juwan Washington, the Aztecs pulled off the huge upset over Boise State on the blue turf last week. As big as that win was, SDSU needs to continue it’s winning ways if they want to win the MWC West division, as Hawaii is 3-0 in conference already and Fresno State is only 1-0 but 4-1 overall and certainly going to be a factor.
  • Arizona at Utah – both teams are coming off a win with Arizona knocking off Cal and Utah dominating Stanford. Utah already has two conference losses, even in a weak Pac-12 they are likely out of the race. Arizona is 2-1 and a win over Utah on the road can help build momentum.



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