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PODCAST – 2019 NFL Draft Preview

Mike and Zach mock draft the first 10 picks and dive deep into QBs, RBs, and WRs.


2019 Mock Draft

Mike and Zach go through the full first round, 1-32 and give their best guesses as to what each team will do

2019 Mock Draft

2013 – Looking back at the 32 best players

The 2013 NFL Draft consisted of 254 draft picks. How many of those 254 actually panned out? In hindsight, if teams could re-do their draft boards, what would the top 32 look like?

2013 NFL Draft – Looking Back at the 32 Best Players

2014 – Dropping the mic on a terrible draft

The 2014 NFL Draft isn’t terrible because of the players, it’s terrible because of the horrible decisions made by some teams.

Dropping the Mic on the Terrible 2014 NFL Draft

2015 – A look back

We are going to enter year 5 of the players drafted in the 2015 NFL draft. Some players you know are good, some are clearly bad and some are still TBD.

Revisiting 2015 Draft

2016 – First round do-overs

This article looks at 7 teams that, in hindsight, should have taken a different player while sticking with the same position that they drafted.

7 Teams That Would Like a Do-Over in the 2016 NFL Draft

Avoid drafting WR in round one

History suggests that drafting a WR in the first round may not be the wisest decision. It certainly suggests that any form of success is far from guaranteed.

NFL Draft – Why Teams Should Avoid WR in Round One

Offense Only Mock Draft

What if teams were not prohibited to draft defensive players in the first round of the draft? Here’s what a potential first round mock draft would look like comprised of only QBs, RBs, WRs, OL

2019 Mock Draft – Offensive Players Only

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