NFL Quarterbacks as Avengers Superheroes

Avengers: Endgame hits movie theaters nationwide on Friday April 26. With the NFL Draft also this week, we combine the NFL with the superheroes and identify which quarterback would be most closely associated with each avenger (and villain).

Thanos – Tom Brady

The symmetry is crazy – Thanos got all 6 infinity stones. Tom Brady has 6 Super Bowl rings (now 7!). Thanos is globally despised. Tom Brady, outside of New England and now Tampa Bay, is universally despised. The whole world wants to defeat Thanos. The whole NFL wants to defeat Brady and that’s what the fans want in both cases.

Captain America – Drew Brees

At the beginning of the MCU series, Captain America, real name Steve Rodgers, is a scrawny little soldier. At the beginning of his career, Drew Brees was a mediocre quarterback, for the Chargers. Later, Rodgers underwent a transformation that turned him into a superhero, giving him extraordinary abilities. He also became a leader of other heroes. Brees’ transformation turned him from the mediocre QB he was in San Diego, competing with Doug Flutie for snaps, into a Super Bowl winning QB with the Saints and a resume that puts him in the conversation as one of the all-time greats. Like Captain America, everyone (mostly) loves Brees and he has proven to be a leader, intelligent, and strategic.

Iron Man – Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers, like Tony Stark, is wealthy as hell, having recently signed a new contract that guarantees him $103 million. He gets good looking women (Erin Andrews, Danica Patrick) and he likes to show off and has a little bit of swagger to him. More importantly, like Stark, Rodgers always comes up big whenever his team needs him, whenever the Packers or the Avengers are down and out, these guys come up big to save the day.

Hulk – Ben Roethlisberger

Hulk is a hero known for smashing things as a big giant monster. Ben has a tendency to break away from defenders at the last second and smash defenders coming towards him, avoiding sacks, like no one else can.

Thor – Patrick Mahomes

Thor is from another planet. Mahomes attended college in Lubbock, TX. Have you ever been to Lubbock? It’s basically like another planet. Thor’s weapon of choice is a hammer that he holds close to him. Mahomes weapon of choice is his arm, which is the equivalent of a cannon as he can rifle the ball down the field.

Thor came close to beating Thanos in Infinity War, but just missed. Mahomes came this close to beating Brady Patriots in 2019 AFC Championship game, but just missed. One year later, Mahomes was able to conquer his rivals and won the Super Bowl (similar to how Thor conquered Thanos in Endgame).

Ant man – Russell Wilson

Ant man’s abilities included shrinking and using his size to his advantage. Wilson is the shortest starting QB in the NFL, at 5’11. Despite his height, he has won a Super Bowl and is considered among the best QBs in the league.

Heroes/QBs record against Brady the Villian

  • Rodgers 1-1
  • Ben – 3-5 (0-2 in playoffs)
  • Brees 1-2
  • Mahomes – 0-2 (includes playoff game)
  • Wilson – 2-1 (loss came in Super Bowl)

What if NBA players were superheroes?

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