NFL Week 1 Picks

Check out some fun tidbits and stats ahead of week 1 and our NFL podcast preview.

Five Predictions

  • Zeke shows the “Marshall Faulk Work-Out Plan” and goes for over 150 yards against the Gmen
  • Kyler Murray scores 4+ Touchdowns against the Lions
  • Ravens as a team run for over 250 yards against the Dolphins
  • OBJ goes for 150+ yards in is Browns debut
  • Mike Williams catches 2 TDS against the Colts

Packers @ Bears

This should be a great game to kick off the 2019 season. The big questions for me is how will the Packers Defense hold-up against the questionable Bears Offense and will Mitch Trubisky be able to take his game to the next level and help lead the Bears to another Playoff Berth and beyond?!

I will take the Packers to pull off the slight upset on the road and start the season 1-0

Bills @ Jets

For the first time in a while the Jets have expectations to live up to. They brought in a lot of talent in this off-season, so they need to make sure it starts paying off right away in this AFC East Rivalry match. The Bills have moved on from Shady McCoy finally, and now rely on youngster Devin Singletary and Mr. Old Reliable Frank Gore. I do think the Bills will improve from last year but will need some time to get in sync, while the Jets just have better talent and more play-makers.

I will take the Jets to win their Season/Home Opener and be undefeated!! Through Week 1

Rams @ Panthers

Is Todd Gurley healthy? Will he continue his dominance from the regular season last year? Or is he knees about to crumble like the Bills in the Super Bowl? Is Cam Newton healthy? Is he ever? The Rams have proven to be able to win without a 100% Gurley while the Panthers have not been able to do the same without a healthy Cam. The Rams also have a beast called Aaron Donald on Defense who can ruin a game plan very quickly for the opposing team.

I will take the defending NFC Champ Rams to go on the road and win the season opener.

Falcons @ Vikings

Falcons come in with one of the best wide receiver duos in all of football with Julio Jones & Calvin Ridley, but they don’t have much else on the ground or defense. On the other side you have one of the best Corner Duos in Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes tasked with shutting down the Falcons aerial attack. You also hope to see a healthy Dalvin Cook finally, Thielen & Diggs to put on their usual show and just a lot more talent on the Minnesota side.

I will take the Vikings to ride the home crowd and win big against the visiting Falcons.

Redskins @ Eagles

One team here as Super Bowl hopes, one team just hopes their star lineman shows up to protect their quarterback so he doesn’t break a leg.

Give me the Eagles to win big in their home opener against the make-shift Redskins.

Titans @ Browns

Do you remember a year when the Cleveland Fans were this excited for football to start? They have brought in some BIG personalities this off season and just hope no kicking nets start fights with their star wideout this year. I expect Baker to avoid the sophomore slump with all the talent around him while Marcus Mariota will have to show the Titans he can stay healthy and help them to a winning season. Sorry Titans, but no trick plays are going to save you in this match.

I will take the Browns to go 1-0 to start their 2019 season.

Chiefs @ Jaguars

These 2 teams couldn’t of had more opposite 2018 seasons. The Chiefs made it to the AFC Championship to fall just short of the Patriots (just like every other AFC team), while the Jaguars season was over half way through. I do expect Foles to lead the offense to more points than Bortles could and their defense should be rejuvenated all around, but the Chiefs Offense I will keep siding with until someone proves me they can shut them down.

Chiefs win a closer than people think match-up but nonetheless go 1-0.

Ravens @ Dolphins

Honestly, I just don’t see anything worth writing about the Dolphins.

Give me the Ravens to use that ground attack to go 1-0

Bengals @ Seahawks

Bengals will show up to this game, but that won’t make a difference. Dalton knows how to lose games especially without AJ Green, while Wilson just knows how to win.

Seahawks and the 12th man go 1-0.

Colts @ Chargers

Will Andrew Luck pull a Shane Falco and run out of the locker to start the 2nd half? NO!! This ain’t the movies!! Even without Melvin Gordon the Chargers are going to be too much for the Colts to handle to start the year.

Chargers 1-0

49ers @ Buccaneers

Both these Quarterbacks have a lot to prove this year. Tampa has always fared well on offense but their defense not so much. The 49ers will look to stay healthy and get some chemistry going with their offense.

I will take the 49ers to pull off the upset by getting to Winston and forcing turnovers leading them to 1-0

Giants @ Cowboys

2 words, “ZEKE Signed!” Also, who are the Giant’s receivers? Yeah, no one knows that answer.

Cowboys 1-0

Lions @ Cardinals

Cardinals come in as the underdog at home. I think Kyler Murray will prove to be a playmaker and explosive on the offensive side and him and Fitzgerald will prove to be very valuable. On the other side, Staffor and the Lions did not do much this offseason and the Lions always find ways to lose games especially ones they are supposed to win.

Give me the Cards to ride the home crowd and go 1-0.

Steelers @ Patriots

Great Sunday Night game, Roethlisberger vs Brady, Tomlin vs Belicheck, Gordon vs Marijuana!! This should be a high scoring event even though Gronk and AB will no longer be part of this match-up. I know the Patriots blew their home opener last year, but I just don’t see it happening 2 years in a row.

Defending Super Bowl Champs 1-0

Texans @ Saints

The Saints still have an awful taste in their mouth from the no call in the NFC Championship last year against the Rams. There is no way they are going to let that ride over to this season and start off on the wrong foot. Watson, Hopkins and the rest of the Texans will keep this a good game but give me the Saints to win.

Saints 1-0

Broncos @ Raiders

 Hopefully the Raiders will make this game more exciting than Hard Knocks this season. Raiders have high expectations while the Broncos have a lot of question marks. I think the Raiders will be coming in on a high and the fans will be intense as they kick off the 2019 season.

Give me the Raiders to pull off a small margin victory here.

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