NFL Week 7: Bills vs Colts – Frank Reich Connection

The Buffalo Bills very famously made the Super Bowl four straight years from 1990-1993, losing each time. The losses came to three of the four teams that make up the current NFC East -to the Giants, Redskins, Cowboys (twice). There is also a connection to the fourth team – the Eagles.

The starting QB for the Bills in each of those Super Bowls was Hall of Famer Jim Kelly. His backup? A man named Frank Reich, a former Eagles Offensive Coordinator and now current Indianapolis Colts head coach.

Colts are 1-5 in 2018, but it’s not Reich’s fault (yet). The Colts lack talent at multiple spots on both sides of the ball. They get to face a 2-4 Bills team that also lacks talent on both sides of the ball, especially on offense. First round rookie QB Josh Allen will sit week 7 with an elbow injury, forcing the Bills to use a backup QB, as Frank Reich was throughout his career.

Reich spent 9 years in Buffalo, and went 4-4 as a starter. He completed 59% of his passes, threw 18 total TD and 12 INT. In 2012, he won Wild Card and Divisional Playoff games for the Bills, replacing an injured Jim Kelly. And in Super Bowl XXVII, he replaced an injured Kelly again where he completed 18-31 passes for 194 yards, TD, 2 INT.

It’s funny that Reich spent his whole career as a backup, and finally had his first taste of Super Bowl success last season as OC of the Eagles, coaching up a backup QB as Nick Foles won the first two playoff games (like Reich) and won the Super Bowl too, replacing an injured Carson Wentz.

Speaking of injuries, after missing the entire 2017 season, Colts QB Andrew Luck is back and slinging the ball all over the field. With struggling running backs and no name WRs (outside of TY Hilton), Luck is on pace to throw the most passes in a season in NFL history.

How many passes will it take for him to find success against the Bills on Sunday?

Mike is a member of the FWAA (Football Writers Association of America) and an alum of the University of Cincinnati.

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