QB Rivalry – Tom Brady vs Drew Brees

Tom Brady and Drew Brees are both quarterback legends. Their history against each other is not that lengthy, which is what makes it special. Everytime these two face each other, it feels fresh and unique.

In 8 all-time matchups, Brees is 5-3 against Brady.

Sunday’s NFC Divisional Round playoff game represents the 9th head-to-head matchup and perhaps the final chapter of this rivalry.

Chapter 1 – Michigan vs Purdue

Before Brady was a 6th round pick in the 2000 Draft and Brees was a second round pick in 2001, they overlapped in college in 1998 and 1999. Michigan only played Purdue during the 1999 season.

10/2/1999 – Michigan won 38-12

#4 ranked Michigan snapped Purdue’s 10 game winning streak.

  • Brady – 15-25, 250 yards, 2 TD
  • Brees – 20-49, 293 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Chapter 2 – Patriots vs Chargers

9/29/2002 – Chargers won 21-14

2002 season was the only time the Patriots did not make the playoffs with Brady as the full-time starter (he was injured in 2008). 2002 season was also Brees’ first year as the full-time starter for Chargers. Chargers got off to a 4-0 season thanks to 217 yards rushing from LaDanian Tomlinson.

  • Brady – 36-53, 353 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT
  • Brees – 10-18, 104 yards, 1 TD

10/2/2005 – Chargers won 41-17

This was an absolutely stunning loss for the Patriots, who had won 21 consecutive games at home. Chargers outscored Patriots 24-0 in the second half.

  • Brady 19-32, 224 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
  • Brees 19-24, 248 yards, 2 TD

Chapter 3 – Patriots vs Saints

11/30/2009 – Saints won 38-17

Brees’ first start against Brady as a Saint came the year the Saints won the Super Bowl. This was a rare blowout loss for a Brady-led team. 2009 is also the last time Brady played in New Orleans.

  • Brady – 21-36, 237 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT
  • Brees – 18-23, 371 yards, 5 TD

10/13/2013 – Patriots win 30-27

Brady led a 70 yard drive in the final minute of the game that ended with a game-winning 17 yard touchdown pass to WR Kenbrell Thompkins with :5 seconds remaining.

  • Brady – 25-43, 269 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
  • Brees – 17-36, 236 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

9/17/2017 – Patriots won 36-20

After the Patriots lost week 1 to the Chiefs, they came out firing and avoided an 0-2 start….which is exactly what the Saints did. Despite the 0-2 start, New Orleans would win 11 of their next 14 to win the NFC South.

  • Brady – 30-39, 447 yards, 3 TD
  • Brees – 27-45, 356 yards, 2 TD

Chapter 4 – Bucs vs Saints

After 20 years in New England, Brady is now a Buccaneer and will make his debut against Brees and the Saints in a game featuring the two guys listed #1 and #2 on the all-time passing list.

9/13/2020 – Brady loses Bucs debut

This was the first game in NFL history with two QBs over 41 years old.

Saints beat the Bucs 34-23 in week 1 of the 2020. In his Tampa debut, Brady threw 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, one of which the Saints defense returned for a touchdown.

11/8/2020 – Brees and Saints embarrass Brady and Bucs

This would be the second game in NFL history with two QBs over 41 years old.

Brees completed 26-32 passes and threw 4 touchdowns, while Tom Brady threw 3 interceptions in a rough 38-3 loss on Sunday Night Football.

Chapter 5 – 2021 Playoffs

1/17/2021 – The Final Chapter?

After going 0-2 during the 2020 regular season, Brady, who leads the NFL all-time in pretty much every category in the playoffs, looks for revenge against Brees. There are rumors that Brees will retire, so could this be his final game?

Brees and Brady represent 2 of 3 QBs all-time to win a playoff game over the age of 40 (Brett Favre is the other). This game will be the first ever between QBs over 40 in the playoffs.

Brady previously won Super Bowl XXXVI in 2002 in New Orleans. He is 2-0 in his playoff career against the NFC South, with Super Bowl wins over the Panthers (XXXVIII) and Falcons (LI).

Mike is an alum of the University of Cincinnati and the ultimate sports nerd.

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