Revisiting the Awfulness of the QBs in the 2013 NFL Draft

The 2013 NFL Draft is not viewed as a good one, in hindsight. The #1 pick was LT Eric Fisher to the KC Chiefs, which turned out to be a good pick. Picks 2-5 were – LT Luke Joeckel to Jaguars, LB Dion Jordan to Dolphins, LT Lane Johnson to Eagles, DE Ezekiel Ansah to Lions.

The two best friend round picks were WR Deandre Hopkins to the Texans at 27 and C Travis Frederick to the Cowboys at 31. Other notable players include Zach Ertz, Darius Slay, LeVeon Bell in round 2, Travis Kelce, Tyrann Mathieu, Keenan Allen in round 3.

You know who, collectively, were all really bad picks? The quarterbacks. 2013 has to be the worst draft ever for QBs.

11 QBs were drafted and combined to start 83 games, compiling a 29-54 overall record. The QBs combined to throw 104 touchdowns and 101 interceptions. Yikes.

Let’s look back at each QB at a high level.

Round 1

16. EJ Manuel, Bills

6-12 in 18 career starts (17 with Bills, 1 with Raiders); 20 TD, 16 INT

Last start: 10/8/2017 with Raiders. Out of the league since 2017

Round 2

39. Geno Smith, Jets

12-19 in 31 career starts (30 with Jets, 1 with Giants); 29 TD, 36 INT

Last start: 12/3/2017 with Giants (lost to Raiders), replacing Eli Manning for one week. Days later, coach Ben McAdoo was fired for benching Eli. Spent 2018 with the Chargers and was the Seahawks backup in 2019. Did not take a snap.

Round 3

78. Mike Glennon, Bucs

6-16 in 22 career starts (18 with Cardinals, 4 with Bears); 36 TD, 20 INT

Last start: 9/28/2017 with Bears (lost to Packers)

Round 4

98. Matt Barkley, Eagles

2-5 career record in 7 starts (6 with Bears, 1 with Bills); 10 TD, 21 INT

Last start: 11/11/2018 with Bills (beat Jets).

110. Ryan Nassib, Giants

Appeared in 5 games, 0 starts (all with Giants); 1 TD, 0 INT

112. Tyler Wilson, Raiders

Never threw an NFL pass. Didn’t even make the week 1 roster his rookie season.

115. Landry Jones, Steelers

3-2 career record in 5 starts (all with Steelers); 8 TD, 7 INT

Last start: 12/31/2017 with Steelers (beat Browns). Has not taken an NFL snap since.

Round 7

221. Brad Sorensen, Chargers

Never appeared in an NFL game.

234. Zac Dyster, Broncos

Never appeared in an NFL game.

237. BJ Daniels, 49ers

Never started a game.

In 2015, he caught 2 passes for 2 yards as a member of the Seahawks. Later in the season, as a member of the Texans, he recorded 6 carries for 6 yards in a game against the Titans on 12/27/2015 and completed 1 of 2 passes for 7 yards in that game.

249. Sean Renfree, Falcons

No career starts. Appeared in 2 games for the Falcons in 2015, completing 3-7 passes for 11 yards, and 1 INT.

Mike is a member of the FWAA (Football Writers Association of America) and an alum of the University of Cincinnati.

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