Success of QB #12 in the Super Bowl

Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all-time. Playing in 10 out of 55 Super Bowls is amazing.

But did you know, that the legacy of QB #12 goes back a long way.

Brady isn’t the only legendary #12 QB and he isn’t the only one with multiple Super Bowls.

28 of 55 Super Bowls have featured QB #12

Full list:

Tom Brady 10 7-3
Terry Bradshaw4 4-0
Roger Staubach4 2-2
Jim Kelly4 0-4
Bob Griese3 2-1
Ken Stabler1 1-0
Aaron Rodgers1 1-0
Joe Namath1 1-0
Rich Gannon 1 0-1
Stan Humphries1 0-1
Chris Chandler1 0-1

More on QB #12

#12 QB is 15-10 all-time in the 25 Super Bowls that featured only one #12 QB.

3 Super Bowls saw 12 vs 12. Bradshaw and Steelers twice beat Staubach and Cowboys. And Staubach’s Cowboys beat Griese’s Dolphins.

5 #12 QBs have won 10 Super Bowl MVPs – Brady (5), Rodgers, Bradshaw (2), Staubach, Namath.

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