Success of QB #12 in the Super Bowl

Tom Brady will play in his 10th Super Bowl on Sunday February 7th. By now, everyone knows the stories of Brady’s greatness and all of his achievement. Playing in 10 out of 55 Super Bowls is amazing.

But did you know, that the legacy of QB #12 goes back a long way.

Brady isn’t the only legendary #12 QB and he isn’t the only one with multiple Super Bowls.

28 of 55 Super Bowls have featured QB #12

Full list:

Tom Brady 10 6-3
Terry Bradshaw4 4-0
Roger Staubach4 2-2
Jim Kelly4 0-4
Bob Griese3 2-1
Ken Stabler1 1-0
Aaron Rodgers1 1-0
Joe Namath1 1-0
Rich Gannon 1 0-1
Stan Humphries1 0-1
Chris Chandler1 0-1

More on QB #12

12 QB is 14-10 all-time in the previous 24 Super Bowls that featured only one #12 QB.

3 Super Bowls saw 12 vs 12. Bradshaw and Steelers twice beat Staubach and Cowboys. And Staubach’s Cowboys beat Griese’s Dolphins.

5 #12 QBs have won 9 Super Bowl MVPs – Brady (4), Rodgers, Bradshaw (2), Staubach, Namath.

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